Er virkelig organisk/økologisk mat bedre? Sunn mat eller moteriktig svindel? Last ned

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  • 13. jan. 2019

  • De første 1000 som bruker denne lenken vil få en 2 måneders prøveversjon fra Skillshare Økologisk mat er på moten. Det lover et sunnere og bedre liv. Men kan økologisk mat virkelig leve opp til forventningene eller er det bare pølsevev? Kilder: Støtt oss på Patreon sånn at vi kan lage flere videoer (og få kule ting til gjengjeld): Kurzgesagt Nyhetsbrev: Kurzgesagt tilbehør: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Musikken til videoen her: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Facebook: TAKK TIL ALLE SOM STØTTER OSS PÅ PATREON: Alberto, Rain Babauta, michael mckinnie, Zabeer Hossain, Patrick Belfry, GeF, Jaden Lem, Cathulhu, Clement Kuo, Kinga Stroińska, Guido Jossels, Damon Bradley, Filip Cerny, Sebastian Kroll, Foxyboxes, Karsten Müller-Bier, Geoff French, Solara570, Aaron Massey, Lee Pomelie, Joel TJ, Maurice Nilles, Joseph Hutchins, Jaski, Ben Lutz, Lukas Zivny, Joonas Javanainen, Will Watts, Gardan, Jorge Pérez, MadByte, Stephen Grose, Nikolas Heberer, Kirby Glover, xhantus404, Benjamin Chalker, ParallaxCore, Turtle, Tom Hutton, Nico Meyer, Anthony Pardini-Bielecki, Laura Starkey, Jai Fox, Victor Hernandez, Ainsley, Revan Tair, Maciej Brzyski, Teemu Leisti, Miguel Diaz, Xierumeng, berk ozdilek, Damien Cassan-Barnel, Michael Kretzschmar, Angelos Manousaridis, Nicolas Molin, Christiaan Magre, onno424, bugcaptor, Aidan Rooney, Marcos Garcia, Chris Thompson, Colm Foley, Ramsey Elbasheer


  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


  • 40 Watt
    40 Watt For 1 år siden

    i imagine that all your videos are made by a bird just furiously stomping on a button

  • Adam H
    Adam H For 4 md. siden

    I just came to hear the cool voice kurzgesagt man say “organic”

  • PhantomSavage
    PhantomSavage For 9 md. siden

    GMO vs Organic doesn't really matter from an environmental standpoint, the real problem is with mono-culturing across the agriculture industry as a whole, both organic and non-organic. The extremely high demand for certain foods all year round (corn, tomatoes, strawberries, you name it) results in both farmers and growing companies to plant massive fields of the same crop over and over and over again.

  • Andy Pagana
    Andy Pagana For 7 md. siden

    What about organic meats and eggs and animal products?

  • I will steal your toes
    I will steal your toes For 5 md. siden

    This stuff really needs to be watched in classrooms

  • Allan Collins
    Allan Collins For 10 md. siden

    My garlic, onions, lettuce and tomatoes are grown in my backyard.

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White For 4 md. siden

    If your concern is environmental, buy local. The greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles transporting distant or out of season foodgoods (for many Americans this includes sugar, coffee, chocolate, oranges, seafood) far outweighs the impact on the environment of the foodgoods themselves.

  • A humanist potato
    A humanist potato For 4 md. siden


  • MrClayrox
    MrClayrox For 4 md. siden

    This video needs to be played in a continuous loop at the entrance of EVERY Sprouts grocery store!!

  • Pie Pierrot
    Pie Pierrot For 3 uker siden

    Thank you for making this video! It annoys me to no end how some people treat organic food as if it's a magic bullet and look down on those who don't eat organic and try to push their ideologies onto others. It frustrates me too how grocery stores (looking at you, Whole Foods) charge exorbitant prices and basically scam people into buying organic food because it's "healthier" and "better for the environment".

  • Elliot Kopitske
    Elliot Kopitske For 2 uker siden

    Kurzgesagt: we spend a lot of time animating our videos

  • Chieh Hsu
    Chieh Hsu For 4 md. siden

    What you eat is much more important than how it's produced. Boom!

  • nesteren hanım
    nesteren hanım For 1 md. siden

    "Seasonal is the true organic!" 👍 👏👏👏

  • The Upset Kitten
    The Upset Kitten For 1 md. siden

    I did the research myself a while back and came to the conclusion myself that...there is very little difference between organic and regular produce. But what I do appreciate is when I buy organic, it's also usually local, and during this pandemic, I feel good about supporting my local communities however and whenever I can. 3

  • Will Van Moss
    Will Van Moss For 1 år siden

    "Seasonal is the true organic!"

  • intoxicatedmyself
    intoxicatedmyself For 5 md. siden

    YouTube put an organic chicken broth ad before this video for me lmfaooo

  • Crystal 959
    Crystal 959 For 1 md. siden

    I think a lot of the stigma originated with “organic” being seen as synonymous with “healthy” while GMO is seen as artificial, toxic, and/or harmful when that isn’t necessarily the case.

  • zijian zhang
    zijian zhang For 3 md. siden

    I don't know why but this makes me remember duolingo

  • NOV_96 H
    NOV_96 H For 4 md. siden

    Kids watching this trying to prove their mom wrong about eating veggies: 👁👄👁