Irwin Family Helps More Than 90,000 Animals In Australia Wildfire Last ned

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  • 2. mar. 2020

  • Kelly video chats with Bindi, Robert, and Terri Irwin to find out how they're helping injured and displaced animals after wildfires ravaged Australia. So far, the Irwin family, along with the staff at the Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors, have provided care to more than 90,000 animals affected by the fires. #KellyClarksonShow Subscribe to The Kelly Clarkson Show: FOLLOW US Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: For even more fun stuff, visit The Kelly Clarkson Show is daytime's newest destination for humor, heart, and connection, featuring music sensation and America’s original idol, Kelly Clarkson.


  • Whistlin' Dixie
    Whistlin' Dixie For 8 md. siden

    Steve would be proud.

  • Ducky MoMo
    Ducky MoMo For 8 md. siden

    This family is incredible.

  • Michael Delia
    Michael Delia For 8 md. siden

    Sadly this is the first thing I've since the fires, thank the Irwin's, and Kelly. Its like nothing happened, no updates, nothing. Thank you Kelly. For showing interest. I never doubted the Irwin's doing what they can. Steve would also been right on top of this, first crying then hands on helping. RIP Steve, RIP! The world misses that MAN,!

  • Sockie Tiki
    Sockie Tiki For 8 md. siden

    That Gal is just like her Daddy 😍

  • Whistlin' Dixie
    Whistlin' Dixie For 8 md. siden

    I believe all of the animals lost to the flames are in heaven with Steve right now

  • Supertoys Supertoys
    Supertoys Supertoys For 8 md. siden

    Second 🤗

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres For 8 md. siden

    I love this family miss dad so proud of mom she is my idol so strong and wonderful the kids are amazing I know he is proud rip sir

  • Typical Tools
    Typical Tools For 8 md. siden

    Robert reminds me so much of Steve. The love he has for the animals.. 😭

  • Anastasia Clark
    Anastasia Clark For 4 md. siden

    Man this brings back so many terrible memories

  • Michelle Crabtree
    Michelle Crabtree For 8 md. siden

    Thank you! Your family is amazing

  • RoyalMasterpiece
    RoyalMasterpiece For 8 md. siden

    God bless the Irwin’s. 👏🔥🌹❤️

  • HayleyLouise1996
    HayleyLouise1996 For 8 md. siden

    Thank you for the love!! I’m an Australian firefighter. It’s been a hell of a season. I myself got 2nd degree burns on my leg from my ankle to my knee. It’s amazing to see how much love we are receiving internationally. The effect on the animals breaks my heart. I’m so glad that the Irwin’s are doing this and so many other wildlife organisations. Thankfully, all major fires have been extinguished!! Love you a Kelly!

  • Sondra Six
    Sondra Six For 8 md. siden

    I love the Irwin family 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Natasha Saralegui
    Natasha Saralegui For 8 md. siden

    Oh my gosh... I love the Irwin family. I AM TERRIFIED OF BATS.

  • shanestudios
    shanestudios For 7 md. siden

    They are making me watch this for school

  • Julissa Alonso
    Julissa Alonso For 8 md. siden


  • Chris L
    Chris L For 8 md. siden

    Would definitely smash that Sheila. Oooie!!

  • DeAngelo Stevens
    DeAngelo Stevens For 1 md. siden

    Steve would be proud If he was living in 2020.

  • jose ap santos
    jose ap santos For 8 md. siden

    Boa noite que bela família abençoada que ajuda esse lindos animais indefesos.Adorei o vídeo.

  • linda
    linda For 8 md. siden

    sound on their end was not very good especially when the young lady spoke