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  • 13. nov. 2016


  • Harvestar
    Harvestar For 3 år siden

    why on earth is this under Pets and Animals?

  • Juan Prevedt
    Juan Prevedt For 1 md. siden

    Hola! Podrías subtitularla al español, me parece una película genial, solo ví la de Al Pacino y me parece que es una muy buena película, supongo que está es mejor, gracias!

  • Lorella Bruno
    Lorella Bruno For 4 md. siden

    What a beautiful screen! and how many stars in the sky!!!!!

  • Balaji Parab
    Balaji Parab For 2 år siden

    Send me link of this movie with English subtitles

  • Mike Rice
    Mike Rice For 3 år siden

    how do I get the subtitles from this video in srt form to use with a better video? Write m22222@

    SHILTONFEDERICO For 2 år siden

    Gracias Por subir la pelicula !!!

  • Gilber Zevallos Pinedo
    Gilber Zevallos Pinedo For 1 år siden

    alguien podría proporcionarme el link en español o sub.....

  • Carlos La france
    Carlos La france For 3 år siden

    Thanks Lura Lorrine for uploading it.

  • elisabetta mattafirri
    elisabetta mattafirri For 2 år siden

    .ma in italiano no?

  • Carlos La france
    Carlos La france For 3 år siden

    Nice, quite different ending than the USA remake, without the stupid USA morality...

  • tmuxor
    tmuxor For 3 år siden

    Even though I know why you've minimised the picture and put the animation in the background, it's still annoying to watch it like this. Might as well download or stream it elsewhere

  • Cat McNichol
    Cat McNichol For 1 år siden

    What the hell is this? Mini screen and no subtitles. Swell.

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett For 2 år siden

    Insomnia put me to sleep. How boring. Maybe the people who live in Norway need this kind of movie to help put them to sleep during the summer months when the sun never sets. I wonder what they watch in the winter time to keep them awake, when the sun never rises? Surely not this movie!