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  • 25. jun. 2015

  • Can You Laugh At Yourself? Best Hair Styling Products: Alpha M. Confidence Course: My Website: My Services and Products: Alpha M. App: My Website: My Services: Free Hairstyle E-Book: Best Hair Product: FaceBook: In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, shares with you 7 ways to improve your sense of humor. This is a how to be funny tutorial that will help you increase your ability to be funny. Sense of humor can be developed and improved if you know how to do it. This video will give you the tips and tools you need to start improving your sense of humor immediately. A sense of humor indicates you can perceive humor or appreciate a joke. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that this a sixth sense. Not everyone possess this sense, however. You know someone like this, and the problem is that they don't realize they're lacking this sixth sense. Keep in mind that humor and what someone finds funny can be subjective- not everything thinks the same person is humorous. Hot To Increase Your Level Your Humor 1. Watch more comedies and comedians - learn timing and delivery 2. Surround yourself with funny people - you will feel better and you can recognize funny situations better. 3. Practice your timing and delivery 4. Look for humor in everyday situations 5. Don't overdo it! - don't always be *on* trying to crack a joke and make people laugh 6. Don't make fun of people for things they can't change - that's being mean spirited 7. Have the ability to laugh at yourself


  • no no
    no no For 1 år siden

    I felt so pathetic when i searched "how to get funnier"

  • Brandon Lador
    Brandon Lador For 1 år siden

    The depressing part is that everyone here is most likely desperate to be funny.

  • Tia Baleres
    Tia Baleres For 5 md. siden (redigert)

    i feel like a sociopath searching ‘how to be funny’

  • • SunnieVibez •
    • SunnieVibez • For 4 md. siden

    I feel stupid for searching "how to be funnier"

  • KingKong
    KingKong For 4 år siden

    My problem is that I've got too much of a sense of humour, no one takes me seriously

  • So Tree
    So Tree For 2 år siden

    I have like zero people skills, no clue what to talk about ever, no confidence, and I don't know who I am or want to be. I'm seeing my life go by and I hate it.

  • Tyler Sanders
    Tyler Sanders For 10 md. siden

    Q: what is the worst part about breaking up with a Japanese girl

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar For 1 år siden


  • OffTheWall X
    OffTheWall X For 1 år siden

    Smiling takes less muscles than frowning, so frown all the time. Get ripped.

  • J T
    J T For 3 år siden

    My stupidity makes people laugh ._.

  • DenviousMars
    DenviousMars For 1 år siden

    I told a joke infront of the class. No one laugh. I just walk back to my seat with cricket crickling.

  • literallyjesus69
    literallyjesus69 For 1 år siden

    “I think I’m hilarious” me.

  • Nathan
    Nathan For 1 år siden

    Just imagine someone walks in on you sitting in front of the mirror smiling like a creep 😂🤣🤣

  • Mr. Mousey
    Mr. Mousey For 8 md. siden

    "how about another joke, mur-Ray"

  • mark ruiz
    mark ruiz For 4 år siden

    Video summed up

  • Chanan Wyatt
    Chanan Wyatt For 1 år siden

    Lol I'm gonna be so embarrassed when my sister looks at my yt history and finds this xD

  • Michael .S
    Michael .S For 1 år siden

    How to increase you sense of humor?

  • xUncharted
    xUncharted For 2 år siden

    I have a problem being too much serios

  • Stan Loona
    Stan Loona For 1 år siden

    I always get called “the funny girl” but I don’t think I’m funny, boys like my sense of humour but they don’t like me 😐

  • Ghojirah Beats
    Ghojirah Beats For 3 år siden

    my gf dont like my black humor and dank memes, she laughs at people getting scared or falling, wth?