i’ve never seen tydus cry before.. Last ned

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  • 13. apr. 2019

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  • Grace Kral
    Grace Kral For 1 år siden

    i thought he was gonna cry bc he didn’t like the rollercoaster 😂

  • lemon_juice
    lemon_juice For 4 md. siden

    The lady felt so bad because he was being so cute

  • Alem Teferie
    Alem Teferie For 2 dager siden

    Tiydus it’s ok if ur afraid you know what when I was a little boy I was afraid of roller coaster

  • Dana Alkaabi
    Dana Alkaabi For 3 uker siden

    I cried to when TydusCried he’s cute he break my heart

  • Carl Opinion
    Carl Opinion For 6 md. siden

    When Jake says he punched someone in the head Jojo's face is like

  • OMG 5 Subscribers without any Videos

    This is how many times jake said JO JO SIWAAA

  • Riya U
    Riya U For 5 dager siden

    Posted on my brother’s birthday..JoJo Siwa’s Birthday is on May..

  • Dayana Mendieta
    Dayana Mendieta For 2 md. siden

    Awwww i feel so bad for tydus i almost cried 😢

  • Valentine Flowers
    Valentine Flowers For 1 uke siden

    Every time he cursed makes a dolphin Noise 😂😂😂😂

  • Kayden Burgess
    Kayden Burgess For 1 md. siden

    I Miss Him Saying “put on your Vlog Belts On Let’s Get The Day Over It”

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha For 1 år siden

    Seeing tydus cry is so heartbreaking

  • DaRadPlayyz YT
    DaRadPlayyz YT For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    Why the heck would Jake Paul zoom in at

  • Mikaiya Hall
    Mikaiya Hall For 2 md. siden

    I feel sooo bad for Tydus

  • Love2 Love
    Love2 Love For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    The lady was just doing her job, this is just proof Tydus doesn’t hear No often.

  • Lyla Maher
    Lyla Maher For 2 uker siden

    When he cried my heartbroke

  • Trav and Cor
    Trav and Cor For 1 år siden

    Aww that was so sad and so cute and kinda savage

  • Alejandra Thais Delgado Castillejo

    “Yeah super crazy”

  • [ ima_simp__ilyt ]
    [ ima_simp__ilyt ] For 3 md. siden

    I wanna cry every time I hear or see other people cry.... It just hits my in stomach...

  • April Buenrostro
    April Buenrostro For 3 md. siden

    I was so emotional in this video this was the first video that made me 😭

  • Erica Beasley
    Erica Beasley For 1 md. siden

    We finally have fun I’m pissed I live in lumen knowing everybody in the city bless you God bless you Joe Joe to