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  • 18. jan. 2009

  • I've got a golden ticket from willy wanka lyrics PLEASE FORGIVE ANY AND ALL SPELLING ERRORS


  • WelshDood
    WelshDood For 8 år siden

    I'm totally reporting Grandpa Joe for benefit fraud lmao

  • Isabelle Bibbee
    Isabelle Bibbee For 3 år siden

    You should learn how to spell "catastrophe"

  • Telos
    Telos For 11 år siden


  • Katy
    Katy For 10 år siden

    I cannot get enough of this song.. I keep replaying it over and over lol : ) x

  • Penguin
    Penguin For 1 år siden

    'willy wanker" in the description

  • Ron
    Ron For 10 år siden

    @Robmire Yeah, or have terrible bed-sores, lol...

  • Ron
    Ron For 10 år siden

    @bosstonbot Ecstasy

  • Antares Bottia
    Antares Bottia For 7 år siden

    Give this guy a thumbs up - Most polite young man I have come across on YouTube every where I see his good trail of manners. God bless you Jake.

  • JustObsessing
    JustObsessing For 7 år siden

    Wasn't one of the character's in Young Frankenstein?

  • Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw
    Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw For 11 år siden

    ty , i neeeded this song , much thanks

  • Robmire
    Robmire For 10 år siden

    20 years in bed?!! You'd have thought he's be fat as hell. But then again they only had cabbage water :(

  • headtorchguy
    headtorchguy For 9 år siden

    willy wanka!!!!!??!!? hahahaha

  • LinkAdams
    LinkAdams For 10 år siden

    But i want my ticket GOLDEN NOW.......-

  • John Dumas
    John Dumas For 3 år siden

    I've got a golden ticket

  • TheDarkKitty
    TheDarkKitty For 5 år siden


  • Adam Manns
    Adam Manns For 5 år siden


  • Ronell Scott
    Ronell Scott For 10 år siden

    We are doing the musical for willy wonka and i hope to be willy wonka or charlie or grandpa joe

  • Hanna R.
    Hanna R. For 9 år siden

    I am going to agree with jmcdzzz and say why not just fix the spelling errors? It's really not that hard at all.

  • Silky Level
    Silky Level For 2 md. siden

    I don’t want to be mean but that intro gave me gramps arthritis.

  • LongCryptoShortBanks
    LongCryptoShortBanks For 7 år siden

    You spelled Catastrophe...catastraphy.