I Sold Microwave Meals On Deliveroo Last ned

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  • 7. sep. 2019

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  • Ralph Macchiato
    Ralph Macchiato For 11 md. siden

    The joke is that they don't seem to understand that they literally created a delivery restaurant.

  • Boom Bang
    Boom Bang For 1 år siden (redigert)

    The level of fakeness and yet level of hard work is amazing.

  • badgalmiri
    badgalmiri For 9 md. siden

    This is like one of those stressful resturant mobile games but in real life

  • Chameleon EDM
    Chameleon EDM For 1 år siden

    ...did they just find a way to launder money through Deliveroo?

  • Taylor Lex
    Taylor Lex For 11 md. siden

    I mean it's common sense that you can run a restaurant off of the microwave. Hasn't anyone seen Kitchen Nightmares?

  • Argle Bargle
    Argle Bargle For 10 md. siden

    These guys just actually demonstrated how 90% of companies really work. Not much plan, second rate product and overworked staff!

  • Chiara Di Scipio
    Chiara Di Scipio For 9 md. siden

    "italian stallion" but the food names are in spanish lol

  • My Mixtapez
    My Mixtapez For 10 md. siden

    2019: Dropshipping

  • HereitsZara
    HereitsZara For 1 år siden

    it stressed me out how he didn't get the ready meals before in preparation

  • Larry Lentini
    Larry Lentini For 11 md. siden

    Isn't this how all fast food restaurants operate?

    HERPY DERPEDY For 10 md. siden

    This is like a low budget hells kitchen all we need is Gordon Ramsay telling the microwave to microwave faster.

  • Tanner Bottomley
    Tanner Bottomley For 9 md. siden

    “Very local- just upstairs actually” that made me nnfffffff

  • Uncrowned
    Uncrowned For 9 md. siden

    the intent is "fake" but the process is nothing more than real, lots of delivery only dark kitchens are doing this already

  • Randall Gyebi
    Randall Gyebi For 1 år siden (redigert)

    The level of professionalism in kitchen for a fake restaurant is outstanding

  • Cough It Up
    Cough It Up For 11 md. siden

    What you did was...legally make a restaurant.

  • Arianne Parkin
    Arianne Parkin For 9 md. siden

    we do deliveroo at pizza hut and the genuine panic, shouting and chaos is scarily accurate of what goes on behind the scenes to get the weird combination of orders ready for the driver that always glares at us waiting. posh seizures are common, and I'm northern

  • John Clark
    John Clark For 11 md. siden

    Lawyer - if they sue the LTD who cares... solid advice right there would hire again.

  • Fede Ronzo
    Fede Ronzo For 11 md. siden


  • regimiro
    regimiro For 9 md. siden

    This whole video demonstrates how stressful a professional kitchen actually is.

  • Tanya Maria
    Tanya Maria For 9 md. siden

    I mean at least the ready meals were from Waitrose..kinda fancy ready meals if u ask me could’ve got them from Tesco’s but no only the best for Italian stallion