I Built A Surgery Robot Last ned

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  • 28. apr. 2020

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    KHALOODYXR8 For 2 md. siden

    Michael is the result of mixing Tony stark and the joker

  • DragonStuff
    DragonStuff For 5 dager siden

    Michael: I’m not using my hand to move the robot!

  • Benjamin Forsell
    Benjamin Forsell For 5 dager siden

    “Metal not strong, metal more like McDonalds Play Place trampoline!” -Filipino Hitler 2020

  • Constapated Caviar
    Constapated Caviar For 3 dager siden (redigert)

    I can’t wait to sell this to serial kil- i mean surgeons around the world

  • Jnstarpm
    Jnstarpm For 6 dager siden

    Idea: Make your own robot dog if you can’t buy one.

  • robot 1435
    robot 1435 For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    This guy could literally become a millionaire off of his creativeness but he just uses his knowledge to make memes. I respect that

  • Mane Sax
    Mane Sax For 2 dager siden

    I just realized this is just a bigger “Big Metal Piston Spike”

  • Noob master 69
    Noob master 69 For 4 dager siden

    Engineers: spending their whole life making a robot perfect for doing surgery. Michael: hey look what I did in my back yard

  • gunner hosek
    gunner hosek For 6 dager siden

    Flying through the stars fueled by candy bars lies a kid with a knack for inventions

  • 60k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge.

    Micheal: Builds many many things that could kill him.

  • 中村
    中村 For 2 md. siden

    All jokes aside, this is easily the most impressive thing Michael has ever made.

  • Draggins _
    Draggins _ For 4 dager siden

    actually if we're being real he could technically convert this into a giant ass 3d printer

  • V9UCQ809 2VGQOP2G
    V9UCQ809 2VGQOP2G For 3 dager siden


  • McTeo
    McTeo For 2 dager siden

    Nobody expected this lovely creation to be turned into a massive camera rig

  • little wolf 1 adventures
    little wolf 1 adventures For 1 dag siden


  • Sean Crookshanks
    Sean Crookshanks For 2 md. siden

    This looks like the beginning of a DC villian's origin story.

  • Benjamin Forsell
    Benjamin Forsell For 2 dager siden

    Haha look in the bottom right at

  • SoftEnd
    SoftEnd For 3 dager siden

    make a robot that talks to you everytime things get quiet

  • IxmeierFan49
    IxmeierFan49 For 5 dager siden

    Robot Idea: Build a robot that needs you to do a „are you a human“ captcha before you can flush the toilet. :)

  • A Toxic Melody
    A Toxic Melody For 4 dager siden

    Ok so I got a new washer that has a “tomato” “wine” “blood” “grass” and “dirt” setting. I know that all of these are settings to remove those specific stains, but I want an inverse washer that consumes clothes in rather tomato, wine, blood, grass, or dirt.