I Built A Surgery Robot Last ned

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  • 28. apr. 2020

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  • aDAMN
    aDAMN For 4 md. siden

    Michael used the robot for Kim Jong Un’s heart surgery and has been running away from the North Korean authorities ever since

  • Øpâł Roblox
    Øpâł Roblox For 1 uke siden

    I was laughing so hard “just make a small incision above the ear.”

  • Kimberly Zager
    Kimberly Zager For 2 uker siden

    Doctor: I’ve had many years of college experience

  • Bat
    Bat For 1 uke siden (redigert)

    Nurse: “and how did you receive this injury?”

  • m8 i cannibalism
    m8 i cannibalism For 1 uke siden

    "Ooga booga, caveman brain metal strong." "Metal not strong. Metal more like McDonald's playplace trampoline"

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith For 4 md. siden

    It’s the tomato spike but for people

  • Slimmy Jimmy
    Slimmy Jimmy For 1 uke siden

    One day someone is going to break into the offline house and everyone's gonna pass off the screams as Michael making a video

  • Ale_xander
    Ale_xander For 1 dag siden

    Michael: Makes a surgery robot

  • The Cynic
    The Cynic For 4 dager siden

    Multi-Billion dollar corporation:"The best technology available to humanity"

    LPNV GAMING For 1 dag siden

    Imagine hearing “it’s a learning experience” before they put you to sleep during a surgery…

  • A.J. Conte
    A.J. Conte For 4 md. siden

    So this is the guy who did Kim Jong Un's surgery

  • Arthur Pingol
    Arthur Pingol For 2 uker siden

    Michael: Smoke Crack

  • Evan Bray
    Evan Bray For 2 uker siden

    okay, let’s try that again”

  • Toaster Strudel
    Toaster Strudel For 2 uker siden

    Lesson to be learned...NEVER let Pokimane into a surgical room.

  • Flan Durham
    Flan Durham For 1 uke siden

    His voice sounds like Phenias but I don’t wanna tell him because he’s gonna hurt me

    KHALDOON For 4 md. siden

    Michael is the result of mixing Tony stark and the joker

  • Florisvmje
    Florisvmje For 13 timer siden

    This guy just look like Harry Potter in his Jong years

  • HoldMyFries
    HoldMyFries For 1 uke siden

    If he ever decided to torture someone, that’d be one helluva device

  • a cultured weeb
    a cultured weeb For 1 dag siden

    The fact that he laughed when he attached a knife to a already dangerious machine is just too much 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Kazeyo
    Kazeyo For 1 dag siden

    This could have gone wrong in soooo many ways