Hozier ft. Annie Lennox*Take me to church/I put spell on you Last ned

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  • 6. okt. 2015

  • Annie Lennox wowed the Grammy audience as she took to the stage to perform an incredible medley. But the Eurythmics singer needed some convincing before she finally agreed to the show. Annie joined Irish singer Hoizer on stage to duet with him on his song Take Me To Church before going on to stun the crowds with her version of Nina Simone´s Put A Spell On You.


  • veemarsrocks
    veemarsrocks For 4 år siden

    I hate that the video was pulled. That video did things to me.

  • Jessi Gremling
    Jessi Gremling For 4 år siden

    I spent 30 mins trying to find the absolutely wonderful performance, just to find out that YouTube pulled it off. Cool.... What the actual shit.

    INVISIGOTH For 4 år siden

    no one has video of this?

  • bricktop2881
    bricktop2881 For 4 år siden

    Annie Lennox should put out an album called "Annie Lennox sings your song better than you"

  • Rita
    Rita For 2 år siden

    I love how Hozier held back to give Annie the scene. That’s some respect and class act.

  • sazzlepop
    sazzlepop For 4 år siden

    Bastards I want to see the video!!

  • F.A. R.O.
    F.A. R.O. For 10 md. siden

    The greatest moment of the song is when she made the artificial harmonica sound with her mouth!!! I've never seen that done.

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    Finding Mona Lisa:313 For 4 år siden


  • Jeffrey Willsey
    Jeffrey Willsey For 4 år siden

    Give back the video.

  • c mielnicc
    c mielnicc For 4 år siden

    Omg, I also spent the last 20 min trying to find the original grammy performance! Doesn't YouTube realize you can't separate an unbelievable performance from the song itself? They have compromised the integrity of the experience!

  • alice steanson
    alice steanson For 4 år siden

    Omg Annie's voice!!!! Get the video on here so we can see the legend ffs

  • Herbie Shevers
    Herbie Shevers For 2 år siden

    Hozier and Annie killed it with this performance, simply brilliant!

  • Gibran Lewis
    Gibran Lewis For 4 år siden

    Why did they take down the live performance video?? It was epic.

  • Dorothy Rader
    Dorothy Rader For 4 år siden

    Why did they remove the video -- it adds so much to this soundtrack!!!

  • Boy Blue
    Boy Blue For 4 år siden

    On Vimeo, if you search "Hozier and Annie Lennox at the 2015 Grammys," you'll be fine...

  • jessibellz
    jessibellz For 1 år siden

    I so wish she'd release a full cover of Take Me To Church. Maybe one day ...

  • lucky4liveHawaii
    lucky4liveHawaii For 4 år siden

    Me and the audience lost our minds! Thank God Hozier had the good sense to just get outta the way. Annie killed that performance and stole the whole show.

  • Carey Cline
    Carey Cline For 3 år siden

    Annie Lennox is the voice of her generation...

  • Kim Carpenter
    Kim Carpenter For 1 år siden

    This performace was EPIC! 💙💙💙

  • Carlos Pineda
    Carlos Pineda For 9 md. siden

    with annie lennox, her soul was singing that song