How to Downlaod & Install Intel HD Graphics 620 Driver (DCH) Last ned

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  • 19. okt. 2019

  • In this video i will show you how you can download and install intel driver, basically update your intel hd graphics 620 driver to the lastest Dch driver. Link for latest dch Driver: [http:// eunsetee .com/YNZg] remove spaces


  • Joshua Adeola
    Joshua Adeola For 3 md. siden

    Do we really need to uninstall our driver first and does the update need internet to install

    ALPHA GAMING For 8 md. siden

    Thanks for helping mr

  • Thandolwakhe Zungu
    Thandolwakhe Zungu For 8 md. siden (redigert)

    There are new DCH drivers that came out on the 18th

  • Itamar Blomont
    Itamar Blomont For 2 md. siden

    Btw i thought when you unnistaled your graphics card software it would stop working is that not the case?

  • Wendy A. Gray
    Wendy A. Gray For 1 md. siden

    I have a UHD 620 - can that be updated using the same technique as shown here?

    BEIRSUFIKAD DANIEL For 1 md. siden

    Actually it is a UHD 620 Graphics.Reply ASAP.

  • Jesse henrique
    Jesse henrique For 2 md. siden

    thank you very much , like and sub

    ALPHA GAMING For 8 md. siden

    How to make custom resolution

  • Willow Brunn
    Willow Brunn For 3 md. siden

    is it safe to uninstall the current graphics driver and restart even without having the new one downloaded yet?

  • Winter Sall
    Winter Sall For 4 md. siden

    For me it installed 600

  • Gus Official Youtube
    Gus Official Youtube For 4 md. siden

    Thanks man i wanna change my graphics 600 to 620

  • Synxy
    Synxy For 2 md. siden

    My pc is on and it just shows a black screen plz help

  • Martinxd
    Martinxd For 4 uker siden

    i cant open anything. I deleted it and i cant download now. Thank

  • Purvesh Kshirsagar
    Purvesh Kshirsagar For 1 md. siden

    I cant follow the above procedure right?

  • Secure Gaming
    Secure Gaming For 1 md. siden

    Want to change from intel uhd graphics to intel hd graphics 620

  • Omar Noussier
    Omar Noussier For 1 md. siden

    Did dosen't work you let delete my driver!

    FURY NINJA YT For 4 md. siden

    Is it is real intel hd 620 graphics and can it run all latest games at 720p

  • Medic AMS
    Medic AMS For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    I would like to update my Intel Graphics HD 620 driver but a warning pops up and says I have a customized driver and changing it may cause issues?!

    GAMERS PLANET For 8 md. siden

    Bro I finish download it it not. Open how to fix

    BEIRSUFIKAD DANIEL For 1 md. siden

    My version is and i can't find a compatible one, What do you suggest?