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  • 12. jul. 2009

  • First go to options then type one of these cheats in: -blingbling for $100,000 cash -ntouchable for max upgrades Have fun cheating!!!! PS: You can't save if you used cheats :( -Visit my Youtube channel at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get paid to share your links on the Internet! You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Try Adfly. Need an account for Adfly:


  • Depression
    Depression For 7 md. siden

    I dont know how i am supposed to do it, i am typing blingbling and then enter, and nothing happens.

  • Alan Bond
    Alan Bond For 8 år siden

    Thanks so much dude!

  • Tobias Schmitz
    Tobias Schmitz For 3 år siden


  • luk20000
    luk20000 For 9 år siden

    lol just type bling then again bling thena again and as many times u wqana it doesnt have to be blingbling just bling then pres ok and done per each bling u get 100k hope that helped :)

  • Karl Mattias
    Karl Mattias For 9 år siden


  • Alison D'Cruz
    Alison D'Cruz For 9 år siden

    I love cheating in motherload it is just fun to discover the underworld!!!!

  • kevin heckel
    kevin heckel For 9 år siden

    on what internet site u play motherload?

  • sashablfc
    sashablfc For 11 år siden

    thanks so much if u have an iphone can u see if theres a cheat for i dig it nerly. the same as motherload ty

  • Heather Wood
    Heather Wood For 8 år siden

    thank you it works!

  • Jacob Trumble
    Jacob Trumble For 8 år siden

    do u clikc enter afterwards

  • stephanie pina
    stephanie pina For 8 md. siden


  • Sjovt.Net Wolffie
    Sjovt.Net Wolffie For 4 år siden


  • ingen alls
    ingen alls For 7 år siden

    Don't work ..

  • Olivier Janelle
    Olivier Janelle For 6 år siden

    don`t work

  • stephanie pina
    stephanie pina For 8 md. siden

    I did not see where to type sooooo... 1:9