HORIZON: ZERO DAWN - It's Got Metal Animals In It Last ned

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  • 28. feb. 2017

  • Proper Jimpressions time. I really, really dig this game. Check out my full review: http://www.thejimquisition.com/horizo...


  • TwixtheWizard
    TwixtheWizard For 3 år siden

    If glitches made a game bad Bethesda would be out of business.

  • Indeimaus
    Indeimaus For 3 år siden

    I hope you can minimize the HUD/UI or something, why is it so far into the middle? aaaaaaah

  • nick
    nick For 3 år siden

    People were buttmad because this game apparently has "politics" which makes it bad. because everyone knows that Deus Ex, Metal Gear, and Bioshock all prove that politics and games don't mix

  • LieutenantAmerica
    LieutenantAmerica For 3 år siden

    "Hello you erotic wood carvings of Peter Capaldi,"

  • Hunter Mearo
    Hunter Mearo For 3 år siden

    I like her name, her father figure is called rust and she is alloy, blew my mind when I saw that for the first time. I think I'm too easily amused haha

  • Michael Ly
    Michael Ly For 3 år siden

    i still find it hilarious that they had to make every stealth bush red so the character's bright red hair doesn't get her killed

  • Matthew Schell
    Matthew Schell For 3 år siden

    I'd like to get married but no one would have me. There I said it.

  • Gilgidane
    Gilgidane For 3 år siden

    Console wars still happen? who has the bloody time?!

  • GameJon
    GameJon For 3 år siden (redigert)

    Glitches get stitches! Honestly though, what an amazing game from the team that brought you Killzone... KILLZONE, PEOPLE! THEY WENT FROM KILLZONE TO THIS!

  • Sláine McCool
    Sláine McCool For 3 år siden (redigert)

    (annoying comment complaining that it's not on pc)

  • Tibasu
    Tibasu For 3 år siden

    After I watched your joke video for this game, I got recommended videos about how this game is feminist help

  • Paul Dennett
    Paul Dennett For 3 år siden

    The console warrior stuff nowadays is getting beyond a joke. Back in the olden times of the 90s it was "Sonic's batter than Mario", "Final Fight kicks Streets of Rage's bum!". Nowadays it's frothing at the mouth, vile abuse and talking about reviewer conspiracies when an exclusive game dares to be good. At least back in the 90s it was kids and teenagers doing this stuff, nowadays it's a bunch of "grown" people who absolutely should know better.

  • Chewi
    Chewi For 3 år siden

    I love the '(sometimes futuristic) technology overgrown with plants' aesthetic and this game seems to get it spot on.

  • Gro-tesq Ba
    Gro-tesq Ba For 3 år siden

    Can't wait to play this. Still have to finish nioh though.

  • Squiggleblorg
    Squiggleblorg For 3 år siden

    10/10 ending to the video haha

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith For 3 år siden

    Why even bother buying an Xbox One at this point? Lmao.

  • Pog Boglin
    Pog Boglin For 3 år siden (redigert)

    I thought about this game yesterday and you just made a video on it... Are you copying the superior Pog Boglin? Are you trying to leech my 102 subscribers!? Expect lawsuit in near future.

  • Markus Benjamin
    Markus Benjamin For 3 år siden

    Game of the year I think already, guerilla have gone to another level with this game, so pleased a new ip is well received and loved by real gamers

  • Snowfire
    Snowfire For 3 år siden

    "There's a WOMZ in the game."

  • papersamurai00
    papersamurai00 For 3 år siden

    Between this and Nioh, I REALLY wish these'd hit the PC. I don't want a console again, but these games look AMAZING.