Highway To Hell Guitar Solo Lesson - AC/DC(with tabs) Last ned

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  • 28. des. 2013

  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rockerthemetal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rockerthemetal Ask for a lesson: https://patreon.com/user?u=2894674 Hi guys! I've just made a new lesson of "Highway to Hell" guitar solo. Band: AC/DC Equipment: -Ibanez RG 320 FA -Amplifier Roland Cube 30x -Digitech Rp350 -Audacity -Samsung HMX-H200 Full HD Subscribe Please!


  • keeprocking
    keeprocking For 3 år siden

    Yo man, tune up your guitar next time!

  • ragnar the legend
    ragnar the legend For 11 md. siden

    I can't get that wild sound on my guitar , is there a technic ? Or something like pedal?

  • Kacper Frankiewicz
    Kacper Frankiewicz For 5 år siden

    thanks a lot, i learnt the solo thanks to you.

  • Kevin Petters1
    Kevin Petters1 For 4 år siden

    Helps a lot, Thanks! :) Must say you have a very special way to learn away. Goes fast and it's easy to read and play with.

  • \/
    \/ For 6 md. siden

    Great lesson, thanks a lot. 6/14 oh shit I did it only after I wrote "STOP" at 14 fret)

  • Tommy Barrett
    Tommy Barrett For 6 år siden

    Great lesson man! Really helped!

  • Dan Kos
    Dan Kos For 5 år siden

    Thank you man, I learned this thing thanks to you in an hour :)

  • Billy Green
    Billy Green For 3 år siden

    ~ "Love the tab. Thank you for posting, will practice to this".

  • Henry Parker
    Henry Parker For 2 år siden

    Thank You, all is so clear now!

  • 장효빈
    장효빈 For 6 år siden

    Thank you!

  • Matthew Guarna
    Matthew Guarna For 3 år siden

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial man! really helpful! :)

  • Fafnir Dono
    Fafnir Dono For 2 år siden (redigert)

    is there any tune to sound like that?

  • Henrique Conceicao - Technology and Hobby

    Very good my friend. One of my first guitar solos. Thank you..

  • John Ulrich Zimmermann
    John Ulrich Zimmermann For 5 år siden


  • David G
    David G For 6 år siden

    Awesome lesson! thanks man! good job!

  • Ken Limjoon
    Ken Limjoon For 6 år siden

    thanks a lot

  • Apo xyz
    Apo xyz For 5 år siden

    Awesome :D Thanks you sooo much !!!

  • mr shitz
    mr shitz For 2 år siden

    Thank you you really helped me

  • Vícturd 2.0
    Vícturd 2.0 For 2 år siden (redigert)

    Who lotta rosie please :"v

  • Ony Lion
    Ony Lion For 2 år siden

    Thanks heeps dude