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  • 2. apr. 2013

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  • Riffijnse Nederlander
    Riffijnse Nederlander For 2 år siden

    Good tutorial but the tabs are Slightly Off

  • Ollie Frost
    Ollie Frost For 7 år siden

    This was brilliant, and easy to understand, please make more video's like this, there great! Good work :)

  • Ollie Frost
    Ollie Frost For 7 år siden

    Could you do the solo for this song to?

  • Mike Fahey
    Mike Fahey For 3 år siden

    Another GREAT lesson. So easy to follow.

  • Mate Balazs
    Mate Balazs For 2 år siden

    tis the best easy to learn Good Job!

  • Walter Williams
    Walter Williams For 3 år siden

    Great simple demonstration/lesson. Thank you!

  • Rik DG
    Rik DG For 7 år siden

    is the solo lesson ready?

  • Jennifer Millward
    Jennifer Millward For 1 år siden

    really good and easy to follow, could you make a lesson on Since you been gone by rainbow?

  • Blaze 73
    Blaze 73 For 2 år siden

    Great video thanks!

  • Doron Broitman
    Doron Broitman For 1 år siden

    2x speed

  • Ace Gameplay
    Ace Gameplay For 1 år siden

    Best way to learn

  • contact1araya
    contact1araya For 1 år siden

    wrong....the second chord is D over F sharp not D

  • Виталик Кузнецов


  • Maj
    Maj For 7 år siden

    very clear lesson, but what about the solo ?

  • the mad bean
    the mad bean For 1 år siden

    YES!!! A starter song for my new electric guitar. Can I ask a question?

  • A.S.
    A.S. For 3 år siden

    I know this is an old video but there is a little mistake (that I did too when I first tried to play it by hear) : you forgot the bass on the D chord.

  • Anne Nanz
    Anne Nanz For 1 md. siden

    nine inch nails

  • HaNdYmAn 420
    HaNdYmAn 420 For 1 år siden

    not the right way to play it.

  • andrew thaiss
    andrew thaiss For 8 md. siden

    Wrong !

  • Mom's Spoghetti
    Mom's Spoghetti For 10 md. siden

    look at his right hand (left from your point of view)... gottem