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  • 17. mai 2016

  • Highway To Hell Chords & Guitar Lesson by AC/DC. Learn to create your own guitar solos for free - Click Here - https://www.guitarmasterymethod.com/h... LINK TO PDF FILE OF THE GUITAR TAB: https://www.guitarmasterymethod.com/h... Backing track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocppB... In this video I show you how to play Highway To Hell, the AC/DC classic. I cover the intro, verse and chorus. The Highway To Hell chords are fairly basic and easy to get the hang of, so it's a great one to learn even if you are a beginner guitarist. As far as the sound goes, Angus Young uses a Marshall amp, so put a little bit of distortion on your amp to get a similar sound. I am running my Fender Stratocaster straight through the Amplitube 3 plugin in the recording. It's definitely a good idea to take this slow and make sure you nail every part, while learning how to play the Highway To Hell chords, just remember that your conviction is important. Don't use strum the chords.... Hit them hard! Make sure you download the Highway To Hell guitar tab, you can find it at the link posted above. This will help you follow along through this lesson. Make sure you subscribe to our channel for more lessons: http://youtube.com/guitarmasterymethod


  • DumbShitDuo
    DumbShitDuo For 7 md. siden

    Searched all internet for an hour until i found u worth all the time keep it up☺️

  • NewHaven
    NewHaven For 3 år siden

    Good lesson, good editing I like how you could still here the guitar in the background and still here him talking. This is just a quality video after all.

  • john piggott
    john piggott For 2 md. siden

    fair play to you my friend. at 56 my wrist and fingers need breaking and resetting i think lol...and to be honest i need the technology of the matrix...down load Mr Page via cord , sit in the chair .......now that is plug in and play at its finest.......

  • Dave Howard
    Dave Howard For 3 år siden

    Wow, thanks Charlie, you have managed to restore my confidence by taking the time to show me how to play a great classic. I love that you go through your lessons slowly and seem to know how hard some of us find playing.

  • John Forrester
    John Forrester For 10 md. siden

    Great lesson. Great riff. Enjoyed learning to play along to the backing track. Thanks Charlie

  • Adéla Nohavová
    Adéla Nohavová For 1 år siden

    This man is so good, thank you

  • Eric B Dailey
    Eric B Dailey For 10 md. siden

    That was exciting brother. I get to pick up my new guitar from the luthier this coming Friday. This and BOOM BOOM from John Lee Hooker will be my first songs I learn.

  • hellenismosadventure
    hellenismosadventure For 3 år siden

    dude your the best instructor ever!! really good job!! thanks you explained everything perfect

  • Ronald Ward
    Ronald Ward For 4 md. siden

    Hey Charlie! I’ve been playing folk badly for 30 years and always ended up feeling very self satisfied and morally enhanced. A sort of thinking man’s Greta Thunberg. Then ... two weeks ago I bought my first Strat lookalike. Now, under your EXCELLENT guidance, I’m playing Highway to Hell and I’m smiling from ear to ear! Second best fun I’ve ever had without laughing! Brilliant!

  • Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan
    Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan For 11 md. siden

    Thanks a lot. I'm an old dude who grew up listening to and playing Beatles, Stones, CCR, etc, but never a lot of real heavy rock (except for a couple of Sabbath tunes that I finally got the chords down to not long ago). Love AC/DC and this is my first foray into their stuff and this has been great. Very good patient teaching method. I like that you just don't 'assume' like so many teachers do (who frustrate the hell out of me). This is great!

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams For 11 md. siden

    Very good indeed! you have a great technique for teaching! i've been playing since I was 16, had a few bands, etc, and then stopped when I went to Uni / got a job. now I play on and off (im now 41) and this tutorial and the solo in any key tutorial, have helped me to expand my knowledge and skillset! cheers! :)

  • Tony Purcell
    Tony Purcell For 4 år siden

    Nice one once again Charlie, how do you make it sound so easy? 10/10 from me

  • Yameena Khan
    Yameena Khan For 6 md. siden

    after all these crappy highway to hell lessons finally, something worth watching, thanks a lot dude!

  • robert gilligan
    robert gilligan For 11 md. siden

    ive got quite a few of this guys courses and his teaching and the way he approaches everything is great, my playing has gotten so much better in a very short time. they have offers on and I highly recommend texas blues mastery!

  • i smoke ghosts
    i smoke ghosts For 11 md. siden

    legend! thanx man

  • Jeff Van Gorder
    Jeff Van Gorder For 1 år siden

    Great lesson! New to the electric guitar and this was a very fun 1st song to rock out on! Thanks

  • Jack TT
    Jack TT For 3 md. siden

    anyone else struggling with switching ? :(

  • Pete 1978
    Pete 1978 For 1 år siden

    Charlie,... Thank you brother, BEST teacher I've had

  • Johnny
    Johnny For 7 md. siden

    You are a very good teacher. Well done!

  • Ken H
    Ken H For 3 år siden

    Nice one, well explained. It was the right hand work i was struggling on and the use of standard A rather than the bar worked better for me once, i unlearnt what i had been learning.