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  • 17. nov. 2019

  • Easy to play song on the guitar. Learn how to play Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar with this easy to follow guitar tutorial by Andy Hillier Tab on screen all the chords for the song with easy and harder chords. Open chords and Barre chords Please like and Subscribe Thanks Andy Hillier Link to the song https://youtu.be/7-x3uD5z1bQ #harrystyles #watermelonsuger #guitarlesson


  • Carol Tegge
    Carol Tegge For 7 md. siden

    I don't have a guitar but i'm still watching lol i am trying to save for one

  • Julie Ju
    Julie Ju For 1 år siden

    Omg you’re fast 😂

  • blickpanko jr
    blickpanko jr For 10 md. siden

    thank you SO much for your tutorials, especially how much Harry Styles you’ve done!! you have an amazing ear and these are some of the best sounding covers, even without your clear instructions which are super helpful. thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these. and you even did the chorus riff?? AMAZING.

  • Shane Standifur
    Shane Standifur For 1 år siden

    Great lesson Andy!! That’s a beautiful tele you got there!

  • change
    change For 1 år siden

    thank u for this!

  • Suhana Singh
    Suhana Singh For 3 md. siden

    I've been trying to learn this for a while. Thanks a lot.

    ALT3REDB3AST For 4 md. siden

    Almost same progression/chords as RHCH Strip My Mind

  • thatiss0dawn
    thatiss0dawn For 8 md. siden

    love that you show both the open chord and barre chord options! thank you

  • John G
    John G For 11 md. siden

    What guitat amp setting. Thank you

  • tara.
    tara. For 1 år siden

    thank you !! :)

  • Major Mayor
    Major Mayor For 1 år siden


  • Frank Mousaka
    Frank Mousaka For 3 md. siden

    Brilliant lesson, mate! Thanx a lot.

  • Teun Westdorp
    Teun Westdorp For 1 år siden

    Nice country version of this song Andy ;-)

  • Fat12e
    Fat12e For 1 år siden

    Can you do we will rock you on electric guitar

  • E R
    E R For 11 md. siden

    Thank you, sir 🥰

  • Dana Pekařová
    Dana Pekařová For 1 år siden

    thank you for this lesson, i love your videos☺

  • Kaiya Speier
    Kaiya Speier For 1 md. siden

    hey!! great tutorial i’ve loved how much harry styles i’ve learned from u. i’d love it if maybe u could do medicine by harry styles? it’s a unreleased song but there are covers on it!! thank you so much

  • Karolina Zamojcin
    Karolina Zamojcin For 1 år siden

    How about amp settings? Great Lesson:)

  • kptain_ super_iwan
    kptain_ super_iwan For 1 år siden

    Thanks to you I learned a lot of works. And now I can play it by myself. I suggest you to listen "soul grinder" by alexandar dimitrijevic. Thanks for your work.

  • Paulo Costa
    Paulo Costa For 1 år siden

    Hi I've just transcribed this song also :-D...just found your video after that... think you have a good lesson...but i think you have a few mistakes on the riff...check it...regards