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  • 10. jul. 2012

  • Info & Buy: We decided to look back again, to take a fresh look at the talented artist Fresh Produce. In December we introduced his release "I Want You / Solid Ground" and now is time to hear these works in the interpretation of Domestic Technology, Blood Groove and Kikis, Biotones and Losing Rays. Summer continues)


  • Nico DownBeat
    Nico DownBeat For 3 år siden

    Come dance with me before you go

  • Nico DownBeat
    Nico DownBeat For 6 år siden

    Sometimes I read 500.000 views or more. In this video I read 11.562 views:I don't care, because something binds us. We listen these songs,we feel the same emotions. While working, studying, sleeping, relaxing or crying, we are looking for the same thing: our dreams!!!

  • streetrage
    streetrage For 3 år siden

    Amazing. These older tunes were the best!!!

  • Javier Ep
    Javier Ep For 6 år siden

    buenísimo, uno de mis tonos de llamada, Blood Groove & Kikis no defraudan nunca. Who is the model of the picture?

  • Tomasz Błachnio
    Tomasz Błachnio For 6 år siden

    It makes me so much happy every day!

  • cosminogloo cosy
    cosminogloo cosy For 2 år siden (redigert)

    Blood Groove & Kikis turns everything in bliss :)

  • Dancer CJ
    Dancer CJ For 3 år siden

    "come dance with me before you go..... an' then the  memory will stay"... those lyrics are haunting. love them, wish I knew the remainder of the lyrics though.

  • dannychang80
    dannychang80 For 8 år siden

    love this track reminds of weekend players - into the sun

  • bramdom69
    bramdom69 For 7 år siden

    Vaya temazo para ir en barco con amigos.......como hago yo. jejeje....

  • Jim Loftus
    Jim Loftus For 4 år siden

    SUCH MAGIC. PROG HOUSE PERFECTION. I have listened to it at least two dozen times. Absolutely love it. The build up from

  • frenchevolution1
    frenchevolution1 For 8 år siden

    wow, this is good

  • Riley Davidson
    Riley Davidson For 5 år siden

    such a beautiful song!

  • We!marica 1⃣1⃣0⃣
    We!marica 1⃣1⃣0⃣ For 10 md. siden

    Tears of joy.

  • Rahul v g
    Rahul v g For 3 år siden

    BG&K !!!!! just beautiful !

  • Dancer CJ
    Dancer CJ For 3 år siden

    I have fallen head over heels in love with this song.

  • burl esque
    burl esque For 8 år siden

    this is really cool :D

  • chris van der straaten
    chris van der straaten For 4 år siden

    Great track

  • Aerociro&Co
    Aerociro&Co For 6 år siden

    great remix of BG&K

  • Alexandru Laurus
    Alexandru Laurus For 8 år siden

    your channel needs more views than you now. this is some good quality stuff

  • arrowrunner
    arrowrunner For 2 år siden

    What came first, this, or the Corset Them from Panty and Stocking by TeddyLoid? Which are the original lyrics?