Finally! We built a trail to the bottom of Berm Peak Last ned

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  • 24. apr. 2020

  • Today, we'll build a mountain bike trail to the very bottom of Berm Peak. My backyard trails will never be the same! Along the way we'll get a history lesson, discuss my methodology in building this trail, and then break in the loam for the first time. Until this COVID thing is over, we'll need to just work on the trail and not build any crazy features. Right now it's made of pillow-soft loam (not complaining) but in due time there will be jumps, pecker logs, wooden berms, and you name it. Berm Peak Merch Check out Alexander's channel Check out my second channel: Berm Peak Playlist Berm Creek Playlist Instagram Facebook Music in this video is from and #DIY #mountainbiking I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this. Advertising disclosure: All of these videos contain products, logos, or mentions associated with Diamondback Bicycles. Whether or not the video itself was sponsored by Diamondback, they do support this channel, and by extension, every video on it.


  • Berm Peak
    Berm Peak For 4 md. siden

    Really? Nobody knows who Mobb Deep is?!

  • Elsuseimer
    Elsuseimer For 4 md. siden

    This is like the biggest flex of 2020 now that everyone's stuck in quarantine

  • Ben jpb
    Ben jpb For 4 md. siden

    In England, nob is another word for dick, so knob deep is quite a questionable name to hear as an Englishman. Love it though!

  • Chris FPS
    Chris FPS For 4 md. siden

    "I think that's a tombstone"

  • William Humphries
    William Humphries For 4 md. siden

    I love how much seths progressed from just bike hacks

  • Myles Haas official
    Myles Haas official For 4 md. siden

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Friday is the best day because Seth.

  • Tucker A
    Tucker A For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    Seth, I have the tool for you. I made this shovel a while back that is the shape of a military folding shovel, but longer and with a steel handle. We call it the isak, This thing will go through anything, it is the main tool I use, and it will go through 1 inch brush in 1 swing, dig through roots and crap like it's not even there, and take out stumps in a matter of seconds. The thickets would be no problem for this tool. I have thought about sending you one many times, but idk if it would be of use to you as it is to me, as I feel like since I built it I am baised.

  • Wolf Boi
    Wolf Boi For 4 md. siden

    Seth hasn’t posted😩

  • PointlessPickle2
    PointlessPickle2 For 4 md. siden


  • Sebastien Doucet
    Sebastien Doucet For 4 md. siden

    Why hasn’t Seth posted this week.

  • ColinMTBks
    ColinMTBks For 4 md. siden

    Seth 2 years ago: I have a 10 second trail in my backyard; Seth now: let’s make a full 1 minute downhill trail with a shuttle

  • Memberberries
    Memberberries For 4 md. siden

    you're late Seth.....

  • frankie west 47
    frankie west 47 For 4 md. siden

    Is there a video this week

  • Tjalling Boevé
    Tjalling Boevé For 4 md. siden

    I don’t know how he remembers where he is going

  • Gavin Keys
    Gavin Keys For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    Hey Seth! Love your videos, maybe you could make a “Day in the life of Seth” so we can see the whole process of how you make a video! Keep up the great work! EDIT: you haven’t built any drops or rock gardens yet

  • Victor Daraban
    Victor Daraban For 4 md. siden

    Florida man gets lost in his own backyard

  • Maximilian Hilpert
    Maximilian Hilpert For 4 md. siden


  • Sila
    Sila For 4 md. siden

    To all the sponsors of seth: I actually bought a tool he recommended in a previous video today and I absolutely love it. Keep making business with this man!

  • Stiletto
    Stiletto For 4 md. siden

    Is he okay? just wondering because he hasn’t posted anything in a while

  • quinnatr39
    quinnatr39 For 4 md. siden

    Great stuff as usual!