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  • 12. des. 2018

  • Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Father And Son · Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman ℗ 1970 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited Released on: 1970-01-01 Producer: Paul Samwell-Smith Associated Performer, Recording Arranger: Del Newman Composer Lyricist: Yusuf / Cat Stevens Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • thedealer777
    thedealer777 For 1 år siden (redigert)

    I was a teenage kid when this was playing on my transistor radio. My old man trying to tell me things, lessons he learned, but I was a kid with a chopped-down '47 Knucklehead, in a hurry to beckoning horizons. Now I'm 63, and I've got time to listen, but he ain't here to talk anymore. So, I go to his grave from time to time, seeing life from his slant, finally saying, "I get it now, Dad," and apologize to marble.

  • NathanFMS
    NathanFMS For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Press F to pay respect

  • Phénix
    Phénix For 1 år siden

    Star Lord's mom has a good taste in music

  • Evan Bennett
    Evan Bennett For 1 år siden

    "He may have been your father, but he wasn't your daddy"

  • Carlos Cardozo
    Carlos Cardozo For 1 år siden

    My dad died 6 months ago, i was looking in his computer today and i search youtube, then this song appear in the previous sites visited, the name of the song catch my attention, i started to cry, i just want to see him again

  • 115 Soldiers
    115 Soldiers For 2 md. siden

    My father passed away yesterday in a car collision. I'm only 13 and I just wanna see him again. He and I loved this song. Rest in Peace Dad

  • BucioTheZenith
    BucioTheZenith For 1 år siden

    “He didn’t chase them away.”

  • Jesse Berg
    Jesse Berg For 1 år siden

    I'd never heard this before Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

  • Destiny Mystery
    Destiny Mystery For 1 år siden

    I'm not crying, you are...

  • Markeio Murray
    Markeio Murray For 1 år siden

    I’m Mary Poppins Y’all

  • daniel alejandro
    daniel alejandro For 1 år siden


  • Ethan Raboin
    Ethan Raboin For 10 md. siden

    My father treated me badly my entire life resulting in cutting him out of my life. I dedicate this song to the maintenance guy from my last job.

  • Lopsided Dork
    Lopsided Dork For 1 år siden

    My step dad is the one person I consider my actual father.

  • Shades Films
    Shades Films For 1 dag siden

    This sounds like it was sung by Jack Black

  • Philhendrie
    Philhendrie For 5 dager siden

    Reading the comments here, it's very sad to see how many horrible fathers there are out there. While my dad wasn't necessarily overly abusive, I still remember getting my butt kicked from time to time and I remember fearing him. One benefit that came from this is that I believe it makes me a better daddy. I want to be everything he wasn't. Encouraging, supportive, and a lifelong friend.

  • Skeletor TooFor9Eight
    Skeletor TooFor9Eight For 1 år siden

    Never before has a song been so powerful to make me cry so hard

  • SecularHumanistFrontRoyal
    SecularHumanistFrontRoyal For 1 år siden

    4 months ago, I had to put one of my best friends to rest, and watching his Dad cry over his casket made me think about this song. You really don't know how long you are going to be here, make the moments and the memories count.

  • Im JustFronc
    Im JustFronc For 1 år siden

    This song opened my eyes,it’s true,our parents try to talk to us and explain and all we do is turn to our phones or we just don’t care enough,their time is limited,and so is ours.

  • Koi Mies Profeetta
    Koi Mies Profeetta For 1 år siden

    My father used to sing this to when I was younger now I am a father of two beautiful daughters I just sub out a pronoun and sing this to them. A timeless classic.

  • Andre Fung
    Andre Fung For 1 uke siden

    "He may have been your father, BUT HE WASN'T YOUR DADDY."