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  • 11. okt. 2019

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  • DozzeyTV
    DozzeyTV For 1 år siden

    Everyone who actually thought we were gonna get a real face to face

  • DaRealHassan
    DaRealHassan For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Who will win ?

  • Pablo Pablo
    Pablo Pablo For 10 md. siden

    Is he gonna make an excuse when he loses?

  • Blaine Pittman
    Blaine Pittman For 1 år siden

    “I’m going to make him a meme.”

  • DarFariz X
    DarFariz X For 1 år siden

    This is how many times JJ said

  • Miyo
    Miyo For 1 år siden

    When Logan said " ", I felt that

  • H G E
    H G E For 1 år siden

    who's here after ksi won lmao

  • AWrightsLife
    AWrightsLife For 1 år siden

    Who told him to say “biggest celebrities in the world” 😂

  • Sam JP
    Sam JP For 1 år siden

    jj: "he has to at least have an excuse"

  • bloodbagツ
    bloodbagツ For 1 år siden

    Face to Face due

  • Crowdingchief2
    Crowdingchief2 For 1 år siden

    Anyone else think Logan’s moustache makes him look like a nonce?

  • S.R.A.
    S.R.A. For 1 år siden

    "I'm going to make him a meme."

  • Aidann_
    Aidann_ For 1 år siden (redigert)

    “two of the most famous people on this planet”.. k than.

  • Prank Bro's
    Prank Bro's For 1 år siden

    Imagine jj called this a face to space that'd be jokes

  • It's Kax
    It's Kax For 1 år siden

    Logan who hears there will be a Face to Face:

  • BCTV
    BCTV For 1 år siden

    *Interviewer*: what’s your motivation to NOT lose?

  • Jade Davison
    Jade Davison For 10 md. siden


  • Kairate
    Kairate For 1 år siden


  • SplitzxzFN
    SplitzxzFN For 1 år siden


  • MagikarpFilms
    MagikarpFilms For 1 år siden

    “He’s gonna feel my thiccness”