[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Interlude : Shadow’ Comeback Trailer Shooting Last ned

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  • 11. jan. 2020

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  • monie *cries cutely*
    monie *cries cutely* For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    Yoongi: I wanna be the king

  • Muntaz Abdulkadir
    Muntaz Abdulkadir For 10 md. siden


  • Juah Lee
    Juah Lee For 10 md. siden

    Me: Suga’s so cute

  • alexandra aparicio
    alexandra aparicio For 10 md. siden

    yoongi: i wanna be rich

  • Niyathi NR
    Niyathi NR For 5 md. siden

    International army's worst nightmare

  • Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
    Kim Taehyung Yoominkook For 10 md. siden

    " Don't let me shine "

  • soho h
    soho h For 10 md. siden

    Yoongi on camera: Serious face

  • Xiomara Sanchez
    Xiomara Sanchez For 10 md. siden

    This will be the last time we will be able to say "I don't understand what he is saying but I am smiling like an idiot and laughing along every time he laughs" 😭😭.

  • Ngọc Anh Trần
    Ngọc Anh Trần For 9 md. siden

    Jimin said he came to visit Yoongi during his MV shooting!!

  • Put Min
    Put Min For 10 md. siden (redigert)

    He looks more healthy day by day and Im glad that he’s become more happier

  • A Bucket Of Lemons & Limes
    A Bucket Of Lemons & Limes For 10 md. siden


  • Nathália Nogueira
    Nathália Nogueira For 9 md. siden

    I'm here after the MOTS: 7 comeback Vlive in which Yoongi said that Jimin came to visit him during this recording, I'm so happy for him 💜💜 He said that he did not express it at the time but he was very grateful that Jimin came and he said that he gained strength because of that. And Jimin exposed Yoongi saying that he always complained that none of the members visited them on his solo recordings because of that Jimin went to visit him, but when Yoongi saw him he just said "oh, you came..." lmao they're so adorable

  • Ima Salmaa
    Ima Salmaa For 10 md. siden

    He is soooo handsome & he looks like he's the youngest 😣 he has such a baby face

  • Celestial System
    Celestial System For 10 md. siden

    Me: tryna learn Korean

  • Lisa
    Lisa For 8 md. siden

    No English subtitles

  • xStrawberry
    xStrawberry For 10 md. siden

    Yoongi in music video:

    CHAH RAZED For 10 md. siden

    Me: doesn't understand anything

  • Nathália Nogueira
    Nathália Nogueira For 6 md. siden


  • I Love KPOP
    I Love KPOP For 10 md. siden


  • samara
    samara For 9 md. siden

    yoongi: i wanna be the king