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  • 3. jun. 2019

  • Link to Suicide Prevention Charities: https://papyrus-uk.org/ http://www.sane.org.uk/sane_on_suicide


  • ChaBoyyHD
    ChaBoyyHD For 1 år siden

    Respect bro. I hope you find your peace with your family.

  • Zulus
    Zulus For 3 uker siden

    Behind the big forehead is a bigger brain.

  • Caprillix
    Caprillix For 2 md. siden

    Imagine how Mo felt editing this video

  • IHopegood
    IHopegood For 1 md. siden

    He pretends to be an idiot for our entertainment, and when he needs to, shows how intelligent he is

  • 631
    631 For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    youtube be like:

  • Young Don The Sauce God
    Young Don The Sauce God For 1 år siden (redigert)

    You handled this well, I know we don't know each other, but I'm happy you handled it like this

  • Talha Sheikh
    Talha Sheikh For 2 md. siden

    on the outside, JJ is funny, happy and joyful. On the inside... he is actually very intelligent

  • Hudson Bell
    Hudson Bell For 2 uker siden

    and now, i understand the "knowledge" part of KSI

  • Ad4m
    Ad4m For 2 uker siden

    Who’s watching this in lockdown 2 😔😔

  • Lance rewerts_2214250
    Lance rewerts_2214250 For 1 uke siden

    Ok WHY is this being recommended today

  • Captain Chris
    Captain Chris For 3 uker siden

    Coming back to this a year on, how JJ forgave his family for such treachery is beyond me. If I was in his position, I’d have cut all contact and been through with it.

  • SKK
    SKK For 2 uker siden

    This is still the biggest uno reverse card in history.

  • Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke For 2 md. siden

    JJ:’buys PS5’

  • itsdaboi T
    itsdaboi T For 2 md. siden

    Imagine crying in front of a camera cus someone was joking about your channel being dead

  • Upset Pingu
    Upset Pingu For 7 md. siden

    Anyone else rewatching this in quarantine boredom?

  • joe kim
    joe kim For 6 dager siden

    It’s been about a year. Hope everything is going well now and that you’ve been working hard on the relationship in private. I honestly am so fucking lucky to have a family that supports each other and it breaks my heart seeing you in pain from all of this. I don’t know where you and your family are at but I hope it’s a lot better.

  • Morgan X
    Morgan X For 3 uker siden

    Why is this in my recommended a year on 💀

  • Mad Toxic
    Mad Toxic For 2 md. siden

    I threw my sister off the roof and she never complained about it

  • betül özçelik
    betül özçelik For 2 uker siden (redigert)

    JJ is literally such a toughtful and supportive brother, the fact he's donating the money to suicide prevention just because his brother had dark thoughts is so meaningful and cute♡ WE LOVE YOU JJ MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU♡

  • Andy Saghbini
    Andy Saghbini For 7 md. siden

    JJ: offers deji water.