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  • 3. jan. 2019

  • Verseplay presents: a rhyme and flow analysis of Eminem's Lose Yourself. What’s with the bars on the left side? Verseplay makes videos that try to visualize the artistry that selected lyricists put into their music. The bars on the left are there to visualize the flow of this verse. The length of each bar symbolizes how long the artist stays on the syllable. The shorter the bar, the quicker the artist says the syllable and vice versa. It also helps to show the rhyme scheme in a digestible manner. Why are some of the syllables highlighted? The highlights are there to emphasize the rhymes each syllable has. If syllables share the same color, that means they rhyme. What criteria go into deciding whether or not two syllables rhyme? The syllables share the same vowel sound (and don’t have to be strict rhymes which would include sharing the same consonant) The syllables are placed within 1-2 bars of each other Help contribute to the “rhyme pattern” Why do you make these videos? Verseplay exists to celebrate the artistry that goes into hip-hop. These videos are meant to visualize the complex rhymes and flows our favorite lyricists use but eventually, I want Verseplay to be a platform that shines a light on slept on lyricists that are coming up. Verseplay analyzes popular songs in the hopes of growing the channel so that future collaborations with indie artists get more attention. How can I support this? Likes, comments, and subscribes are great! Verseplay also has a patreon that could use your love. If Verseplay is able to secure $300 a month, the channel will be able to release a video a day. Can you make a video like this for my music? YES! Absolutely. We’re always looking to collab with artists. Please email: verseplaycontact@gmail.com. Help subscribe and support: Song's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5Z01UM... Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/verseplay


  • BakedPotatoYT
    BakedPotatoYT For 1 år siden

    The editing. The styles. This channel needs more attention, no excuse.

  • Aurora Stellaris
    Aurora Stellaris For 1 år siden

    This channel's in rightful need of more attention

  • DC
    DC For 1 år siden

    do more eminem songs please, He is the most technical rapper out there

  • Dominican Boi
    Dominican Boi For 1 år siden (redigert)

    This channel need Waaaaaaay more attention

  • Emmanuel Mozia
    Emmanuel Mozia For 9 md. siden

    The greatest rap song ever written and the greatest Hip Hop song of all time by the 🐐 Eminem.

  • Corrupted
    Corrupted For 5 md. siden

    Insanely well done, keep it up!

  • White Blogger Black Specs
    White Blogger Black Specs For 1 år siden

    One person has vomit on his sweater already...mom's spaghetti

  • V3NOM
    V3NOM For 2 md. siden

    do verse 3 pls

  • りき
    りき For 7 md. siden

    He is rapgod

  • LogicA002
    LogicA002 For 7 md. siden

    good job bro, you are underrated. Hope you get more attention

  • Chris tian
    Chris tian For 11 md. siden

    How does he think of lyrics like this

  • Kirb$
    Kirb$ For 6 md. siden

    Hey man! please do killshot and rap devil. That would be hilarious! Love from the Philippines!

  • ASGod
    ASGod For 6 md. siden

    I’ve written something just like that ten years ago, and I still have it in my Drive

  • LPJ Amir
    LPJ Amir For 8 md. siden

    Lyrics/rhyming king

  • Exauce Mayunga
    Exauce Mayunga For 6 md. siden

    Do As The World Turns by Eminem please. One of the best songs by him

  • وليد شركة
    وليد شركة For 2 md. siden

    and thay sey he is not the greatist !!

  • Ryan of Alkerath
    Ryan of Alkerath For 5 md. siden

    How can the flow rhythm on the left side accurately show the scheme when you obviously dont know where one bar ends and the next one starts