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  • 13. jan. 2014

  • FREE TAB Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aemzf1xfvwq...


  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous For 3 år siden

    Error (429)

  • Butter Dog
    Butter Dog For 2 år siden

    Thanks dude (Sum fan of AC-DC)

  • Juhasz Martin
    Juhasz Martin For 1 år siden

    why my acoustic guitar sounds differently like this guitar? (mine is tuned)

  • BananaGames
    BananaGames For 6 år siden

    Rockin' that pink pick :P

  • Pinky3262462
    Pinky3262462 For 3 år siden

    Thanks a lot man, started playing 1 week ago and i'm learning quite fast! Props to the internet and youtubers like you :)

  • Dheeezzzy
    Dheeezzzy For 6 år siden

    Too good man !!! :D

  • Zip
    Zip For 4 år siden

    I know this video is kinda old, but I was wondering if you use heavy strings or light strings

  • cheesedips
    cheesedips For 6 år siden

    great guitar.

  • TheTallMexican
    TheTallMexican For 3 år siden

    what was the strumming pattern for the chorus though?

  • Alex Latecký
    Alex Latecký For 5 år siden

    Hello,i've got a question.Do i have to hit all the strings in every acord? Or how ambi suppossed to play with my right hand?

  • Abdul Alkhatib
    Abdul Alkhatib For 1 år siden

    thank you man you really helped me it was very easy from the first time I really thank you

  • Bjarne Helme
    Bjarne Helme For 3 år siden

    How do i use the tab thing?

  • School Ti
    School Ti For 3 år siden

    hi very good!

  • Armin z3po
    Armin z3po For 1 md. siden

    Stairway to heaven

  • Game Master
    Game Master For 2 år siden

    im getting asmr from his voice lol

  • uppercutt
    uppercutt For 6 år siden


  • Sara Wallon
    Sara Wallon For 3 år siden

    Thanks for the lesson.I would like the tab but the link isn't available, is there another way to get it?

  • WuckerSama
    WuckerSama For 3 år siden

    Link broken

  • TheGamingProject
    TheGamingProject For 4 år siden

    Can you make a video on the tuning of your guitar for this song

  • Edgardo Garcia
    Edgardo Garcia For 1 år siden