Drill Baby Drill - Motherload #1 (2004, PC Flash) Last ned

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  • 23. jan. 2018

  • [Want to chat? Join our discord here!] https://discord.gg/a2CgTFp We go to Mars and drill minerals out of the planet. This was Minecraft before Minecraft. So strap in and join me on a journey to the planet's core. ================== https://www.miniclip.com/games/mother... When you first play the game you are dropped off by a spacecraft. You will get a transmission from Mr. Natas to refuel and what to do. As you dig deeper and deeper into Mars you get plenty of messages from miners and Mr. Natas. Sometimes earthquakes happen and your screen has a big red "!" and may destroy your holes and hinder your progress. These earthquakes don't do any damage to you. As you get deeper you will see smaller natural passages, rocks, and better minerals. http://xgenstudios.wikia.com/wiki/Mot... [SPOILER IN LINK] ========================= COPPA COMPLIANCE NOTICE: DoppelGameplayVideos is intended for an audience is 13 years old and over. Please don't watch or participate if you are under 13. If you are under 13 and are discovered, you will be blocked.