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  • 2. aug. 2019

  • Music: https://soundcloud.com/crsto/activas-... Thank you for watching, sharing, liking, and loving! Get connected at The Source Chiropractic for CHIROPRACTIC CARE - http://www.thesourcechiropractic.com/... Get connected to Kairos Training Culture to EVOLVE CHIROPRACTIC ARTISTRY - https://www.kairostrainingculture.com... Until next time, PEACE


  • dablack69
    dablack69 For 1 år siden

    Hey Dr Brett, still waiting on your recommendations for any good chiros you know working in Montreal Canada, or surrounding area. Thank you 😊

  • Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee For 1 år siden

    You can't be playing Biggie in Oakland. C'mon now.. Lol

  • Dinorah's Bath and Body Desserts

    You are amazing! Thank you for showing us what a good care looks like 😊

  • midou Hàmàdà
    midou Hàmàdà For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Ooo yeh Amazing, Relax..Relax 😚😚 😉😊😊 thank you Dr: Brett Jones

  • Stephanie Esquivel
    Stephanie Esquivel For 1 år siden

    I’m here for the bsb shirt

  • Med ASRIH
    Med ASRIH For 1 år siden

    Dr brett jones If possible give me Track ID 🙏

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo For 1 år siden

    Brett, you’re the best!! 😀

  • Ahnaf Mazid
    Ahnaf Mazid For 8 md. siden

    So this is what the Weeknd does in his spare time

  • Jeb Prendergast
    Jeb Prendergast For 1 år siden


  • Mike Marino
    Mike Marino For 1 år siden

    What track is that playing at the very end of the video???

  • 98hfcblack
    98hfcblack For 1 år siden

    Playing biggie haha nice

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George For 1 år siden

    Patrick Mahomes is the Dr. Brett Jones of football

  • Tony D
    Tony D For 1 år siden


  • PorraCaralho
    PorraCaralho For 1 år siden

    such skill, i'm a chiro student would you give me recommend me the chiro books that are must reads. i wish to become the best chiro i can possibly be to heal all those who come to me in the future

  • no one
    no one For 1 år siden

    Had the classic biggie juicy playing 😎

  • Josefh Zriba
    Josefh Zriba For 1 år siden

    Does anyone has the quality 360p like me? I don’t know why?

  • Jigging With Drama
    Jigging With Drama For 11 md. siden

    Why do you and dr.B whistle and make weird noises?

  • Ahmed Khlil
    Ahmed Khlil For 1 år siden

    كميه راحه بحسها وانا بتفرج سبحان الله ولا احلى

  • DJ
    DJ For 1 år siden

    Hey Doc, is there any neck conditions that could make me feel off-balance/dizzy? It’s almost like I’m in a wave pool at times. I had some x-rays done couple months ago and the top bone on my neck was completely out of whack. Any suggestions? Thank you sir, have a great day.