Down Like That (KSI vs LOGAN PAUL 2 Edition) Last ned

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  • 4. des. 2019

  • Thanks to DAZN and Sky Sports for the footage! Edited by: Watch The Official Music Video for DOWN LIKE THAT (FEAT. RICK ROSS, LIL BABY & S-X)”: Get “DOWN LIKE THAT” Watch the BEHIND THE SCENES video! Check Out KSI’s Debut Album “Dissimulation": Follow KSI on all platforms: Check Out The New “Dissimulation” Merch:


  • NRT • channel
    NRT • channel For 9 md. siden

    I dont know why, but jj's songs makes me feel strong !!

  • CassiusFox HD
    CassiusFox HD For 5 md. siden (redigert)

    This is how many people thought KSI was gonna win

  • Pickle Thief
    Pickle Thief For 3 md. siden

    Even though logan filmed a dead body he’s more likable than jake

  • Derry Beausang
    Derry Beausang For 5 md. siden

    "He was trained to kill, now his body will perform it" - Viddal Riley

  • charlotte rose
    charlotte rose For 5 md. siden

    this just makes me think about how much he deserves all the fame he has

  • R1OTツ
    R1OTツ For 6 md. siden

    Plot twist: Logan only accepted this bcoz He just want to hug jj

  • Mr Earth
    Mr Earth For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    Logan paul: " what's 8x7?"

  • Archit pawar
    Archit pawar For 3 md. siden

    Can't wait for jake to get wrecked 😼

  • Mr Hamood
    Mr Hamood For 4 md. siden

    I feel like a proud father bro, this man has came along way. He deserves everything he gets.

  • dee naughy boi
    dee naughy boi For 4 md. siden (redigert)

    If s-x wasn't here it wouldn't of been as good as it is

  • Tqzlツ
    Tqzlツ For 4 md. siden

    This shit just makes me wanna cry, I’ve been watchin ksi since 2012, all the memories, and seeing him transform into something nobody would imagine is indescribable. JJ will always be the winner in the end because of the person he is and how he takes all that Doubt and motivates his self, unreal moment.

  • Rocky5701
    Rocky5701 For 6 md. siden

    I think nothing will be as big as this on YouTube for a very long time. Even if KSI fights Jake Paul it won’t compare to just how massive this event and the first fight was.

  • Liam Hyun Kyung AESCHBACHER
    Liam Hyun Kyung AESCHBACHER For 5 md. siden

    anyone watching this 2020 like, shows support for ksi

  • shardi matthews
    shardi matthews For 3 md. siden

    JJ hit him so hard he started making good content

  • Xtinct
    Xtinct For 4 md. siden

    i’m glad to see harry wear a shirt with buttons for the fight

  • Robin
    Robin For 5 md. siden

    I just realised that Justin Bieber was praying

  • will bruton
    will bruton For 4 md. siden

    logan: he’s not a real fighter

  • Adriana Robledo ASMR
    Adriana Robledo ASMR For 10 md. siden

    Logan: he’s not a real fighter

  • Yasin Hussein
    Yasin Hussein For 2 md. siden

    This just shows how much ksi

  • Landon TLB
    Landon TLB For 3 md. siden

    When they screamed "HE DID IT" "THAT'S MY BOY" I'm not gonna lie it made me cry