Does Body Language Prove Carole Baskin Fed Her Husband To Her Tigers? – Tiger King Last ned

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  • 4. apr. 2020

  • Does body language and the evidence prove Tiger Queen, Carole Baskin, fed her husband who mysteriously disappeared to her tigers or maybe we can prove she wasn’t involved at all in her husband’s disappearance. Find out next. Like many of you, I saw the Netflix docu-series called Tiger King where it revealed the secrets of the exotic cat trade in the United States. Each episode just gets crazier and crazier. The people involved are wacky and not just because they jump into cages with lions, tigers, and ligers, but their lives are crazy in every way imaginable crazy. The main character in the show is Joe Exotic, known as the Tiger King, and ran the GW Zoo in Oklahoma, USA. His cross-country nemesis was Carole Baskin, who I’m calling the Tiger Queen. She runs a private exotic cat zoo called Big Cat Rescue and throughout the docu-series she claims to be morally superior to Joe Exotic, but personally I didn’t see her zoo that much better to the big cats than Joe Exotic’s zoo; those big cats were still all locked up in small cages. In 1997, when Carole’s second husband and multi-millionaire, Don Lewis, was getting ready to file for divorce while also taking other legal precautions to keep himself safe from Carole. One night, Don magically vanishes off the face of the Earth. So, we’re going to piece together all the evidence, along with breaking down her body language, to find out if Carole could be involved in his disappearance. Now, in the comments, what do you think happened to Don Lewis? Was it the tigers, septic tank, did she hide him during that suspicious 3AM drive, or maybe you somehow believe that he crashed his little airplane in the ocean. Let everyone know in the comments below. Give this video a thumbs up if you think Carole Baskin was somehow involved in Don Lewis’s disappearance. Give this video a thumbs down if you think Carole Baskin wasn’t involved at all. Hit that subscribe button now, so you don’t miss out on new body language and investigative videos that always shake up YouTube, and I’ll see you at the top. #TigerKing #CaroleBaskin #BodyLanguage More Channel: SHAKED Podcast: Follow me and also send me your future video ideas via social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: