Dana White just announced that UFC 249 has been cancelled and Upcoming UFC shows put on hold,Rose Last ned

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  • 9. apr. 2020

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  • Facts:
    Facts: For 5 md. siden

    Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, Tony is swimming to different islands looking for the octagon, unaware of the cancellation.

  • ChuBacon06
    ChuBacon06 For 5 md. siden

    "I'm not surprised MF's"

  • B Ben
    B Ben For 5 md. siden

    Khabib knew the fight is gonna be cancelled. Otherwise he would be trapped now in the US away from his family.

  • Luis Wendels
    Luis Wendels For 5 md. siden

    Damn did you see his face when he said Disney and ESPN didnt let him do it? Looked like he just realized who he signed a contract with. 😐

  • Barry Irlandi
    Barry Irlandi For 5 md. siden

    Looks like Khabeeb is just that much ahead of everyone!

  • ineedmoney121
    ineedmoney121 For 5 md. siden

    "the highest level of disney and the highest level of espn"

  • Noel Bgood
    Noel Bgood For 5 md. siden

    Dana: Walt Disney was never my friend.

  • GS
    GS For 5 md. siden

    Now khabib must be laughing at this lol

  • DiagonalSeven
    DiagonalSeven For 5 md. siden

    Dana to espn: "i secured the fight island, the event is on"

    CAMIOLOGY TV For 5 md. siden


  • MrMalicious
    MrMalicious For 5 md. siden

    I'm actually glad they cancelled this. I did not want to see Tony vs anyone who isn't Khabib.

  • Ash Allen
    Ash Allen For 5 md. siden

    "Them asking me to stand down"... they didn't ask they told..

  • Nik Musang
    Nik Musang For 5 md. siden

    6th time baby lets go. Khabib says he feels in his heart this fight is gonna happen.

  • Tito Ramo
    Tito Ramo For 5 md. siden

    Who do McGregor fanboys blame now?

  • Montenegro Montenegro
    Montenegro Montenegro For 5 md. siden

    I wonder how hard Khabib is laughing now!

  • Bryan
    Bryan For 5 md. siden

    Tony the type of guy to still show up to a canceled fight

  • Frank Wagner
    Frank Wagner For 5 md. siden

    Dana white: i take orders from nobody

  • Sage Of Rage
    Sage Of Rage For 5 md. siden

    Just when you thought Dana was the last boss, a bigger boss appears

  • MaulSlasher
    MaulSlasher For 5 md. siden

    "Khabin is a pullout merchant!"

  • A Elmi
    A Elmi For 5 md. siden

    Disney: Stand down.