Dana White just announced one of the most STACKED CARD for UFC 249 on May 9,Tony Ferguson,Gaethje Last ned

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  • 24. apr. 2020

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  • Brendon Daley
    Brendon Daley For 5 md. siden

    I’m surprised Tony hasn’t dressed in a bear costume by now and snuck into Khabibs backyard to fight him.

  • Yiannis Arhontoulis
    Yiannis Arhontoulis For 5 md. siden

    I guess werdum is having fun on Tony’s undercard.

  • Chase CIA
    Chase CIA For 5 md. siden

    Ali Abdelaziz: "Tony wouldn't be such a good fighter without a good coach".

  • CRASS2047
    CRASS2047 For 5 md. siden

    Fighters will be able to hear Joe saying “Oh! He’s hurt!”

  • Victius
    Victius For 5 md. siden

    Tony has evolved to next level when Goggins gives a shout out.

  • Da Tube
    Da Tube For 5 md. siden

    Jon Jones “walked Reyes down for 25 minutes straight?” I’ll take

  • fuuman5
    fuuman5 For 5 md. siden

    I repeat myself: I believe Ali has a tumor. It's not just the look of that head. It's also the produced words.

  • Forrealforreal
    Forrealforreal For 5 md. siden

    All fighters would be 50-50 without they’re coaches lol

  • Donny Price
    Donny Price For 5 md. siden

    Tony’s the type of guy to steal Jon Jones’s entire stache of coke just for the cardio

  • Kate’s BirthdayParty
    Kate’s BirthdayParty For 4 md. siden

    Breaking news: Fighter without a coach wouldn’t be as good.

  • Hugh J
    Hugh J For 5 md. siden

    Tony is the type of guy to inspire David Goggins

  • Spencer Harrison
    Spencer Harrison For 5 md. siden

    Ali acting like we don’t know that he manages Justin.

  • Why SirTanYoo
    Why SirTanYoo For 5 md. siden

    I can only imagine being in an empty stadium and hearing Joe Rogan screaming OOOHHHHHH!!!!!

  • ryan t
    ryan t For 5 md. siden

    Omg is it just me or is everyone waiting to see Jan fist Jon?

  • Saugat Tmg
    Saugat Tmg For 5 md. siden

    Dom Reyes’ post was hilarious 😂

  • NorthTowNer
    NorthTowNer For 5 md. siden

    That’s Jones way of saying he wants to go to Poland an get a DUI

  • Jramatik
    Jramatik For 4 md. siden

    Dana looks like he's trying to drool when he talks.

  • StartingFresh
    StartingFresh For 5 md. siden (redigert)

    Tony Ferguson the type a guy to attend an “all you can eat” buffet at Wuhan market and come out looking even healthier!”👈🦇😎

  • kastro mide
    kastro mide For 5 md. siden

    "The main event Tony ferguson and gay chi"

  • Jimmy Gambino
    Jimmy Gambino For 5 md. siden

    The next UFC is going to be at a state prison so Jon Jones can fight from home