☼D'Ä MÆ RIVA (song by Fabrizio De Andrè, lyrics in English) Filmed at Kodinpump in OSGrid&Metropolis Last ned

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  • 8. mar. 2016

  • ☼ D'Ä MÆ RIVA ( From my Shore) at Kodinpump in OSGrid & Metropolis Grid. A machinima by Wizardoz Chrome filmed at Kodinpump and Snowind in OSGrid and Metropolis Metaversum. ☼Kodinpump and Snowind are "Temporary Regions" built by Nani Ferguson and Ange Menges in Opensim 2015 ☼Soundtrack: D'Ä MÆ RIVA (From my Shore) is a song by Fabrizio De Andrè, in local dialect of the Genova City ( Italy) . The sound of the sea in this machinima is from youtube (CD Shoreline) ☼Translation of song: D'Ä MÆ RIVA From my shore only your clear handkerchief from my shore in my life your bitter smile in my life you'll forgive my melancholy but I think of you against the sun and I know you're looking at the sea a bit more off the coast of pain and I'm here leaning out at this sea chest and I am here watching three velvet shirts two blankets and the mandolin and a hardwood inkwell and a black cap your girl picture to be able to kiss Genoa again on your mouth in mothballs.