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  • Strømmet direkte 30. jan. 2020

  • you're gonna wanna watch this... WATCH ON DAZN: United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Brazil WATCH THE FIGHT ELSEWHERE: UK & Ireland – Sky Sports Latin America & Central America (ex. Brazil) – ESPN Turkey – S Sport Philippines – TV5, Cignal and Tap Sports Singapore – LiveNow China – CCTV Rest of the World – FITE get YOUR FREE Team 10 chain right nowww - get sum merch fam - text me im bored - 310-870-3349 🔴SUBSCRIBE ➤ ↪ watch sum mo stuff➤ LINK HERE INSTAGRAM ➤ TWITTER ➤ ⚠ WARNING ⚠ Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns. Jake Paul Song Jake Paul Pranks Jake Paul Scary Vids Mini Jake Paul Jake Paul Ouija Board #JakePaul #Team10 #ItsEverydayBro


  • Tilxy -_-
    Tilxy -_- For 7 md. siden

    7 hour stream for a 2 minute fight

  • Yadee GT
    Yadee GT For 7 md. siden

    Imagine watching the whole video 😂

  • Anaya
    Anaya For 7 md. siden

    Gib changed his controls last second and didn’t know what button was what.

  • Truong Thanh Tung
    Truong Thanh Tung For 7 md. siden (redigert)


  • Reo
    Reo For 7 md. siden


  • Donovan LYT
    Donovan LYT For 5 md. siden

    I feel bad for NLE Choppa because that crowd was so dead

  • HourPlay HD
    HourPlay HD For 7 md. siden

    Everyone can agree that

  • Kilecraf
    Kilecraf For 7 md. siden (redigert)

    Watch this for a couple of seconds press here

  • BIG Qgamer
    BIG Qgamer For 7 md. siden

    Gib looked like he was spamming crouch

  • Certified Crash
    Certified Crash For 7 md. siden

    Yoooo now everyone’s on jakes side making fun of gibb😭😭😭 that’s insane how people are. I told y’all jake was gon win

  • Harold
    Harold For 7 md. siden


  • Ethan Crowe
    Ethan Crowe For 7 md. siden

    How y’all getting the fight I can’t see it all is says is the brand

  • T9_32 Roblox
    T9_32 Roblox For 7 md. siden


  • TakeInOut
    TakeInOut For 7 md. siden

    Bruh jake paul is so different I honestly think everyone likes it when he was that fun one with all the vids

  • CrusxherGaming _
    CrusxherGaming _ For 7 md. siden

    Jake Paul is doing this because he knows he bout to get irrelevant

  • Joe Zaza
    Joe Zaza For 7 md. siden

    My boi went in there like a boss first round TKO! 🥊 Wasnt flexing, calm and focused. Dude those jabs got STOPPING POWER. Jake's jabs are cannons! Look at his shoulders and back.. that's natural jab strength. The capacity of an object to withstand great force or pressure. My boi Jake 🥊♥️🔥🤘👑 big luv Champion

  • Mystical Snail
    Mystical Snail For 7 md. siden


  • diemeter
    diemeter For 7 md. siden

    Pake Jaul

  • Harshalomg123hp On roblox
    Harshalomg123hp On roblox For 7 md. siden

    I meant Jake can we be friends

    XxKICWINxX For 6 md. siden