Commercials That Still Haunt My Dreams Last ned

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  • 8. mai 2020

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  • Eddy Burback
    Eddy Burback For 4 md. siden

    if you want that hoodie that I'm wearing at the end go to

  • Madeline VandeHoef
    Madeline VandeHoef For 4 md. siden

    Eddy you’re gonna talk about Billy Mays and NOT mention OxiClean?!

  • Fittest
    Fittest For 1 md. siden

    it took me a while to realize the thumbnail is an old spice ad of a guy's abs and not a talking piece of melted chocolate

  • Schlaught68
    Schlaught68 For 1 md. siden

    When Eddie and Gus morph together they become Ron Swanson

  • Sean Nettleton
    Sean Nettleton For 1 md. siden

    if Randall from monster’s inc was a person, he would be the shamwow guy

  • luis
    luis For 2 md. siden

    the wendys ad has to be breaking some sort of Geneva convention laws

  • Zoie Born
    Zoie Born For 4 md. siden

    I wish he hadn’t cut the footage, I’d have loved an hour of Eddy drunkenly ranting about commercials from my childhood

  • trumpetperson11
    trumpetperson11 For 1 md. siden

    I swear, nothing can be a worse line than the "real people" Chevy commercials.

  • SageOfThunder
    SageOfThunder For 2 md. siden

    Parents bought an actual sham wow and a shitty Dollar General version. The Dollar General made a better working version.

  • friendsfreak
    friendsfreak For 1 md. siden

    We all liked the

  • katchupp
    katchupp For 3 uker siden (redigert)

    the shamwow guy did his ads in spanish too and its pretty fkn funny because he cant speak spanish

    CYGNIUS For 4 md. siden

    When I was little, I stole a ravioli can from Publix, and when I got home and my mom asked about it, I told her that it rolled off the shelf and followed us home...

  • Katie Wightman
    Katie Wightman For 2 md. siden

    Why is nobody in the comments talking about Flex Tape?

  • maxmaus
    maxmaus For 2 md. siden

    I loved Billy Mays because he both looked and sounded like my uncle that I didn't get to see much when I was a kid. Classic lonely kid becoming emotionally attached to a salesperson on tv.

  • Mr.SpaceDolFin
    Mr.SpaceDolFin For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    what if all these people are sponsoring eddy and he tricked us into listening to their ads

  • Zach
    Zach For 2 md. siden

    The Chef Boyardee commercial gives off negative vibes to my tainted brain.

  • Dingus 2000
    Dingus 2000 For 4 md. siden

    eddy you're looking more and more like a history professor who has recently gone through a terrible divorce and is on the brink of being fired every day

  • Saggy Wrinkle
    Saggy Wrinkle For 1 md. siden

    The Wendy’s add was so bad my YouTube app closed

  • Nut Ringos
    Nut Ringos For 1 md. siden

    “ I went trick or treating as Yu gi oh.” That’s like a kid calling master chief halo.....

  • Faris Abuain
    Faris Abuain For 2 uker siden

    I’ve never had a straighter face than when I was watching that Wendy’s ad. So aggressively unfunny.