Cocaine Blues Guitar Lesson With Bo Diddley Beat, Wild Thing, A Blues E Blues. (Other Stuff! Crazy)! Last ned

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  • 17. mai 2016

  • Hi, this is a follow up lesson for my new student. I cover cocaine blues, chord shapes, picking, wild thing, and stuff. (Cocaine Blues Guitar Lesson With Bo Diddley Beat, Wild Thing, E Blues, A blues, G blues SO MUCH BLUES!!!& Other Stuff! (Crazy))!!! Here are some more lessons!!! Hope you enjoy!!! PS. I respond to every comment. Feel free to say hi!!!


  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG For 2 år siden

    This guy is either a great comedian or genuinely mad

  • Navaros
    Navaros For 2 år siden

    holy god you have the best tutorials. not only because they’re informative but because you’re such a damn funny dude.

  • Amine H
    Amine H For 3 år siden

    Iv'e never had this much fun watching guitar lessons. "C like Cocaine" that cracked me up! keep up the good work man!

  • dave clarke
    dave clarke For 2 år siden

    He's as mad as a box of frogs hahaha.. In a good way though.. Entertaining as well as Informative .

  • cheese stick
    cheese stick For 1 år siden

    “ThAT’s A c7...i don’t know what I’m doing” I LOVE THIS MAN

  • Monti Clift
    Monti Clift For 3 år siden

    dude, you're the type of person that I'd love to have as a neighbor and a friend!

  • Mini Me
    Mini Me For 2 år siden

    The World needs more of you

  • Nikmateen
    Nikmateen For 2 år siden

    he looks like god

  • DaiTheFlu
    DaiTheFlu For 3 år siden

    Sometimes I get really high and play all kinds of good shit. But as soon as I'm sober, I forget everything I played... Maybe I should record it.... Anyways, this is gold man, keep them strings buzzing!

  • Danilo
    Danilo For 3 år siden

    yes. I want to be just like you someday.

  • Waylon Courvell
    Waylon Courvell For 2 år siden

    I've been following your channel for a few years. This video is my favorite. No wait it's my favorite in regards to guitar

  • Julien M
    Julien M For 2 år siden

    Haha your tutorials are awesome, you are the cool kind of crazy I love this

  • Amir
    Amir For 2 år siden

    Your such a kind wonderful man

  • Dan Reid
    Dan Reid For 2 år siden

    you are the best man ever, thanks for everything you do. i have learnt a lot from you, but i just love to hear you play.

  • Bo Hansen
    Bo Hansen For 2 år siden

    Never really touched a guitar but really like these lessons😏

  • bobby willis
    bobby willis For 1 år siden

    You remind me so much of my uncle who passed away in late 2018, the good attitude, the guitar, and you look just like him. Steve was basically the closest thing I had to a father since i was 5. Take care, stay playing, and thanks for reminding me of all the late nights spent learning guitar with Steve.

  • Lefteris Fred
    Lefteris Fred For 3 år siden

    best guitar video in youtube

  • Mike Magnum
    Mike Magnum For 3 år siden

    I always like to check out the comments section... Kind of like the "pulse" of the condition people are in! Not only am I in total agreement with all of the great comments regarding your video, but for ONCE, All I read was people getting along and cheering for a common cause and NOT tearing each other down and that is wonderful thing to see! Thank you.....GBYA

  • ChefAnthony123
    ChefAnthony123 For 3 år siden

    I've learned so much from you! Thanks man!

  • [ C A N C U N - W A V E ]
    [ C A N C U N - W A V E ] For 2 år siden

    I'm in love of the Blues!