Cocaine Blues Guitar Lesson With Bo Diddley Beat, Wild Thing, A Blues E Blues. (Other Stuff! Crazy)! Last ned

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  • 17. mai 2016

  • Hi, this is a follow up lesson for my new student. I cover cocaine blues, chord shapes, picking, wild thing, and stuff. (Cocaine Blues Guitar Lesson With Bo Diddley Beat, Wild Thing, E Blues, A blues, G blues SO MUCH BLUES!!!& Other Stuff! (Crazy))!!! Here are some more lessons!!! Hope you enjoy!!! PS. I respond to every comment. Feel free to say hi!!!


  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG For 2 år siden

    This guy is either a great comedian or genuinely mad

  • Navaros
    Navaros For 2 år siden

    holy god you have the best tutorials. not only because they’re informative but because you’re such a damn funny dude.

  • cheese stick
    cheese stick For 1 år siden

    “ThAT’s A c7...i don’t know what I’m doing” I LOVE THIS MAN

  • Amine H
    Amine H For 3 år siden

    Iv'e never had this much fun watching guitar lessons. "C like Cocaine" that cracked me up! keep up the good work man!

  • Monti Clift
    Monti Clift For 3 år siden

    dude, you're the type of person that I'd love to have as a neighbor and a friend!

  • Nikmateen
    Nikmateen For 2 år siden

    he looks like god

  • Mini Me
    Mini Me For 2 år siden

    The World needs more of you

  • DaiTheFlu
    DaiTheFlu For 3 år siden

    Sometimes I get really high and play all kinds of good shit. But as soon as I'm sober, I forget everything I played... Maybe I should record it.... Anyways, this is gold man, keep them strings buzzing!

  • dave clarke
    dave clarke For 2 år siden

    He's as mad as a box of frogs hahaha.. In a good way though.. Entertaining as well as Informative .

  • Lefteris Fred
    Lefteris Fred For 3 år siden

    best guitar video in youtube

  • Danilo
    Danilo For 3 år siden

    yes. I want to be just like you someday.

  • Bo Hansen
    Bo Hansen For 3 år siden

    Never really touched a guitar but really like these lessons😏

  • Julien M
    Julien M For 2 år siden

    Haha your tutorials are awesome, you are the cool kind of crazy I love this

  • ChefAnthony123
    ChefAnthony123 For 3 år siden

    I've learned so much from you! Thanks man!

  • Katie Kaos
    Katie Kaos For 3 år siden

    My boyfriends been watching your videos and now I'm hooked. I really feel you both are cut from the same cloth and these videos are unfuckingbelievable! "Don't touch my fedora hat"

  • Amir
    Amir For 2 år siden

    Your such a kind wonderful man

  • Mike Magnum
    Mike Magnum For 3 år siden

    I always like to check out the comments section... Kind of like the "pulse" of the condition people are in! Not only am I in total agreement with all of the great comments regarding your video, but for ONCE, All I read was people getting along and cheering for a common cause and NOT tearing each other down and that is wonderful thing to see! Thank you.....GBYA

  • Waylon Courvell
    Waylon Courvell For 2 år siden

    I've been following your channel for a few years. This video is my favorite. No wait it's my favorite in regards to guitar

  • BallsAreGold
    BallsAreGold For 2 år siden

    You would be so fun to hang out with and play guitar you always make me smile plus your guitar playing is amazing! Keep up the wonderful work!!!

  • Cassinou
    Cassinou For 3 år siden

    You're the best video maker i discovered in a while dude. "Bravo" from France!