Cannonball Adderly & Miles Davis - Autumn Leaves Last ned

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  • 22. sep. 2012

  • Sorry for the ads ladies and gents! Enjoy the lovely music and have a wonderful day =)


  • Hassan Jawad
    Hassan Jawad For 2 år siden

    My father passed when I was a five year old kid. This song brings out a daydream in me of him strolling to the baseline in an autumn park. A constructed fantasy of a saint that lives on only in my mind

  • nutsackmania
    nutsackmania For 4 år siden

    So happy high fidelity recording equipment was readily available by the mid 50s.

  • Caretaker Cain
    Caretaker Cain For 6 år siden

    Cannonball's performance here is possibly the greatest recorded sax solo of all time... none finer.

  • Art J Johnson
    Art J Johnson For 4 år siden

    We often speak of John Coltrane as a pioneer and greatest sax player but Cannonball Adderly is unsung but was amazing

  • john paul foronda
    john paul foronda For 4 år siden

    One of my favorite things about this rendition of "Autumn Leaves" is how Miles just 'touches' the high notes when he plays the head. You can hear it at

    JAZZMIN_ For 1 år siden (redigert)

    this is cannonball’s best solo. and miles’s solo is so simple but legendary.

  • Busta Bass
    Busta Bass For 1 år siden

    The Cannonball out front, with Miles handling sideman duties? The earth must have shifted apocalyptically at the completion of this session. Miles was the bandleader from hell to many musicians and producers who worked with him. Kudos to the Cannonball for getting the very best out of him on this recording. The rest, as they say is history.👑🎸🎶🎷🎺

  • carl silagyi
    carl silagyi For 4 år siden

    Art Blakey's brush work is nothing short of inimitable. Sam Jones on bass anchors the group while the soloists fly fly fly. Hank Jones free form expression over the last sixteen bars is the essence of extemporaneous genius. The BEST OF ALL TIME!!!

  • Cole Parker
    Cole Parker For 5 md. siden

    Something keeps bringing me back to this one recording

  • Oliver B.
    Oliver B. For 4 år siden

    My favorite jazz rendition of Autumn Leaves. Miles and Julian are simply amazing in this version.

  • Lou Berg
    Lou Berg For 1 år siden

    That ending was in a dream I had many many years ago I'll never in my life forget it.

  • essennagerry
    essennagerry For 2 år siden

    Haha, the ad :D

  • Cherokee Lair
    Cherokee Lair For 4 år siden

    Cannonball Adderley has never been unsung by anyone who knows or cares about jazz~he will always be one of the GREATS OF MODERN MUSIC!

  • Clyde Satterfield
    Clyde Satterfield For 1 år siden

    Cannonball goes hard! One of the best sax solos ever!

  • PFlip Quezada
    PFlip Quezada For 1 md. siden

    I don’t know what it is about the piano at the end that just gives me chills. Such the distant sound even

  • Seth Finch
    Seth Finch For 5 år siden

    Cannonball's vibrato and tone are superior.

  • Kyrsten Wetzel
    Kyrsten Wetzel For 7 md. siden

    this song tells a whole story. I wonder. What stories do u hear when you listen?

  • YayaPrican
    YayaPrican For 5 år siden

    30 thumbs down? they couldn't have been listening to the same song! this song is gorgeous. ..such skill from some of the jazz greats.

    FIRUZA KHAN For 5 år siden

    Miles & Cannonball together playing Autumn Leaves & Somthin' Else are unforgettable.

  • Bill Beran
    Bill Beran For 2 år siden

    The perfect jazz record—and a perfect performance of a great song by five great musicians.