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  • 12. des. 2017

  • Calculate Expiry Date in Excel 2016 - EDATE. In today's video, we will learn how to calculate the end date of a contract based on the start date and the length of the contract in the number of months. In this demonstration, we will be using an EDATE function in excel 2016. This function is normally designed to return a serial number that would represent the date that shows the number of months before or after a specified date. Using this function we can calculate the maturity of a product or a date of expiry or a date of any given contract. In order to perform this calculation you will need to have this started and the number of months provided to you. As this function will use two parameters that are the started and the number of months in order to provide you the output that you are looking for. At the end of this video, you will be able to calculate the maturity date, date of expiry, date of manufacture, or the date when any given contract is going to end. You can use this technique in several different calculations such as policies, contracts, product maturity, product expiry, etc. I hope that you're enjoying learning Excel through this Excel learning series with Syed. I request you to share these videos with anyone who desires to learn Excel from scratch. Do subscribe to the channel and enable notifications by clicking on the bell icon to receive updates about new videos as and when they are added to keep up with Excel Learning. Download Practice File using: This applies to: Excel 2007 and above #excelLearningSeries #excel #excel2016 #excelDateFunction


    CHETAN PATHAK For 2 uker siden


  • Rokaya Akter Kona
    Rokaya Akter Kona For 4 md. siden

    @ Syed Hussaini I am stuck on do it again sheet, where i have to put minus sign

  • Sarita Sahoo
    Sarita Sahoo For 2 år siden

    How to give reminder in excel

  • Paul Kimba
    Paul Kimba For 1 år siden

    I did the format but the end result gives me

  • malcolm devadas
    malcolm devadas For 1 år siden

    How to add minus sign for manufacturing date

  • Syed A Hadi
    Syed A Hadi For 5 md. siden

    MashaAllah, well explained.

  • sudheesh unni krishnan
    sudheesh unni krishnan For 3 md. siden


  • Mahbubul Hasan Miajee
    Mahbubul Hasan Miajee For 1 md. siden

    How can I calculate the Manufacturing Date from the Expiry date? Please help me out.

  • Moshe Maor
    Moshe Maor For 1 år siden

    Hello Syed. It is not clear to me how to download the workbook. You have said: "Download the workbook by using the link in the video description". What does it mean? Thanks.

  • Ronald Lobo
    Ronald Lobo For 6 md. siden

    can we do this in years in place of months

  • massish1010
    massish1010 For 1 år siden

    Please help!

  • Good to Go Sounds Good
    Good to Go Sounds Good For 2 md. siden


  • Asamy Rushdy
    Asamy Rushdy For 2 md. siden

    If 1 year contract start on 1 Jan 2019, then the expiry date will be 31st Dec 2019 not 1 Jan 2020. If so how to get the correct date in this formula? please let me know

  • Alyssa Barnes
    Alyssa Barnes For 11 md. siden

    Can you use the same formula to calculate the end date based on years rather than the number of months?

  • Hrdfo Comilla/HRD/BRAC
    Hrdfo Comilla/HRD/BRAC For 9 md. siden

    Is there a way to calculate the end date based on the number of days rather than the number of months?

  • Tory and Melissa Garcia
    Tory and Melissa Garcia For 1 år siden

    Is there a way to calculate the end date based on the number of days rather than the number of months?