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  • 13. sep. 2019

  • Nothing says "home improvement" like building a mountain bike park in your yard. Today, we build an elevated roll-in deck at the summit of Berm Peak. I'm calling it, "The Flight Deck". In the future, we could build drops, bridges, or any number of features off the flight deck. This was a pretty big build for one amateur carpenter to do in a weekend, so I sure learned a lot on this one. Enjoy! Berm Peak Playlist Berm Creek Playlist All music in this video is from #DIY #mountainbiking I'm also working on a long-term moonshot project: Building a free public bike park in the Asheville metro area. Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding this. Advertising disclosure: All of these videos contain products, logos, or mentions associated with Diamondback Bicycles, Box Components, and Slime Sealant. Whether or not the video itself was sponsored by any of these companies, they do support this channel, and by extension, every video on it.


  • Digital Wells
    Digital Wells For 1 år siden

    If this was a NETFLIX series I would binge watch it.

  • Logan Boswell
    Logan Boswell For 1 år siden

    You should add grip tape strips to the ramp you climb up so you won’t slip if it rains

  • TheDexDrive
    TheDexDrive For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Quik tip from a german carpenter:

  • SeaTac Spotting
    SeaTac Spotting For 1 år siden

    You know your a badass when you are sharpening your pencil with a portable belt sander in you backyard mountain bike trail.

  • OfflineTillee
    OfflineTillee For 1 år siden

    Hey Seth!

  • Toy-Yoda
    Toy-Yoda For 1 år siden

    10 years later: Whistler Bike Park has a shortage of visitors, Seth is being blamed.

  • Oliver W
    Oliver W For 1 år siden (redigert)

    And this is crucial since I don’t know what I’m doing.

  • bom04
    bom04 For 1 år siden

    Get chicken wire and put it on the deck and ramps for extra grip when wet

  • Nnetzy
    Nnetzy For 1 år siden (redigert)

    I don't think I can wait another week for the next video...

  • J. Noble
    J. Noble For 1 år siden

    I've only been watching your channel for a week I'm hooked damn it you got me. Now I'm going to buy a bike. Lol 😁

  • KnowUh
    KnowUh For 1 år siden

    "Thanks for the pancakes bro"

  • Cloverr
    Cloverr For 1 år siden

    Imagine you’re on a hike through the woods and you see Seth doing this

  • Oliver Martin
    Oliver Martin For 1 år siden

    What’s bigger?

  • TheAnonymousGamer 1
    TheAnonymousGamer 1 For 1 år siden

    Hey Seth, maybe consider using a small section of the trail dedicated to trials so you and others can practice

  • Aidan Franke
    Aidan Franke For 8 md. siden

    Did anyone else see him put “thanks for the pancakes, bro” when Kevin showed up?

    AFONSOVP 57 For 1 år siden

    This is way better than any Netflix series! This are the best YouTube videos right now!

  • aaron wetzell
    aaron wetzell For 1 år siden (redigert)

    You should invest in a quad with trailer or skidsteer

  • Carson Morris
    Carson Morris For 1 år siden

    Cut 1" slits down the pipes on the tool rack so you can pull them straight out instead of having to shimmy them up and out

  • Alex
    Alex For 1 år siden

    You should put a small shelter underneath that thing, with a bench and a cooler for beer.