Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Live From The BRIT Awards, London) Last ned

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  • 18. feb. 2020

  • Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: Follow Billie Eilish: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Email: Store: See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020. Follow 007: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:


  • a
    a For 3 md. siden

    y'all can scream during a concert but not during an orchestra

  • 1037 keshika rajput
    1037 keshika rajput For 3 uker siden

    stupid audience ever. who shouts in an orchestra.. seriously they just ruined the whole vibe of the song.

  • bearta
    bearta For 1 md. siden

    When someone is singing DON’T SCREAM. You can shout, clap, scream AFTER the song ends. Respect the singer.

  • Ritoban Chakraborty
    Ritoban Chakraborty For 1 md. siden

    You DO NOT scream and disturb an orchestra where HANS ZIMMER is present.

  • Preetham Shettigar
    Preetham Shettigar For 1 md. siden

    These audience should be banned for life from Hans Zimmer concert.

  • Ellie Harding
    Ellie Harding For 3 md. siden

    i want to physically hit everyone who’s screaming

  • Alexis Zelinsky
    Alexis Zelinsky For 1 md. siden

    I think she should redo this performance without an audience

  • Léa Anquetin
    Léa Anquetin For 1 md. siden

    If you still say that Billie can't sing after this... that's just embarrassing.

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    Just imagine how many people still comeback here everyday.

  • Anna Chase
    Anna Chase For 1 md. siden

    Don't ever scream when there is an orchestra on stage and especially not when Hans Zimmer is leading them. What a disrespectful audience. If it's a bubble gum pop song you can scream (even though singing would be better for everyone's ears). But you never ever scream during a song like this. Silence says so much more in this situation

  • Halocene
    Halocene For 8 md. siden

    Seeing Finneas on one side of her and Hans Zimmer on the other brought a tear to my eye. They're so young. And so good.

  • Vixikie
    Vixikie For 2 uker siden (redigert)

    Different songs needs different crowds. This song isn't made for a crowd for shout but for being quiet and respectful because the song is quiet, calm and serious. So should the crowd be. You can shout and scream during another songs. How can that be so difficult to understand. Thank god they were not too loud and not during the whole song, that would have been annoying.

  • XxCloudy_SkiesxX
    XxCloudy_SkiesxX For 3 uker siden

    Ariana Grande: No Tears Left to Cry

  • Spencer Brooks
    Spencer Brooks For 3 uker siden

    You don’t scream over any music like that. People are trying to listen and enjoy it.

  • valdis edgars jēkabsons
    valdis edgars jēkabsons For 3 uker siden

    Why the hell are people screaming during this performance. You NEVER scream when the great hans zimmer is performing. And props to Billie for great vocal for the bond song.

  • J.
    J. For 8 md. siden

    Everyone talks about Billie but let’s give a lot of credit to her brother the mans a genius.

  • The Aslı
    The Aslı For 2 uker siden

    Idiots: Billie can't sing high note. She just whispers

  • Night Haunter
    Night Haunter For 3 uker siden

    Billie: *stands

  • ManuV
    ManuV For 3 uker siden

    Dude, even before they started, the crowd was screaming like crazy. So annoying and disrespectful..

  • I can’t think of a name
    I can’t think of a name For 1 uke siden

    I get that the audience was super annoying, but damn not every single comment needs to be about that, why is no one talking about her amazing vocals?