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  • 8. mai 2020

  • 90 Day Fiancé's Big Ed responds to my video on him and Rose, with new episodes involving monkeys, break ups and fights. ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! BIG ED - 👕 INTERNET SENSATION SHIRTS 👕 ● EBOYS CHANNEL - ● TIKTOK - ● TWITTER - ● INSTAGRAM - ● BOOK ON CAMEO - ● OUTRO MUSIC - Alex Elmslie or #ImAllexx is a YouTube channel based off commentary on events and interests. #BigEd #90DayFiancé


  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    100k likes and i’ll do the third and final part 🤟

  • Salima Asrih
    Salima Asrih For 1 md. siden

    Normal people: No neck ed

  • The Brilliant Bunch
    The Brilliant Bunch For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    Ed is the 0.01% of bacteria that detol doesn’t kill.

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft For 1 md. siden

    Rose is so intelligent, she sees right through Ed and his stupidity

  • Elle Eee
    Elle Eee For 1 md. siden

    Put some respect on Rose’s name. She seemed to genuinely like him which is why she was so hurt when he lied and embarrassed her multiple times. If she was just there for the money, she’d get over it just to secure the bag. We Stan Rose.

  • Musical Trash
    Musical Trash For 1 md. siden

    Has anyone noticed that ed looks like a germ from the musinex commericials.

  • Nicole Bae
    Nicole Bae For 1 md. siden

    That hair is getting more eboy the longer this quarantine lasts

  • Top Shagger
    Top Shagger For 1 md. siden

    Her sister legit asked for $70 just to keep open their sari sari store. Like come on, by the way he was acting I thought she asked for a couple grand.

  • Hunny_Eyahpaise
    Hunny_Eyahpaise For 1 md. siden

    Ed’s attitude is so disgusting it makes me want to throw up. He is so full of himself.

  • Kara got Bernd VLOGS
    Kara got Bernd VLOGS For 1 md. siden

    He says he spent 5000 USD for presents for Rose, where none of them ever arrived at her but complains all the time because her sister asked for 75 Dollars 🙈

  • Daula East
    Daula East For 1 md. siden

    I actually feel bad for her she seems legit and actually wanted to find a good loving person and ended up having this door knob as a fiancee..

  • Avocado Toast
    Avocado Toast For 1 md. siden

    When you think about it, if his face was a few inches lower, he’s basically the red m&m

  • That's So Lulu
    That's So Lulu For 1 md. siden

    The thing is that it’s not even how he looks that bothers me, it’s his personality it’s so irritating.

  • Sophie Schroer
    Sophie Schroer For 1 md. siden (redigert)

    “You’ll be the beauty, I’ll be the beast” sooo you’re gonna kidnap her, lock her in a castle, and then she’ll get Stockholm syndrome?

  • R3pt1le V2
    R3pt1le V2 For 1 md. siden

    Comments about his neck are fake because you can’t comment on something that’s not there

  • Bailey Sadler
    Bailey Sadler For 1 md. siden

    Send her Gifts that only help himself, gets upset over sister asking for $75. Sleeps with her and then tells her after the fact that he doesn’t want babies. Mans personality is more disgusting than his lack of neck

  • Rocket To Mars
    Rocket To Mars For 1 md. siden

    Rose went on IG live like crying after this saying Ed was really rude to her and embarrassed her in front of all these people and then he got paid for the show and she didn't. She also said he was lying about the whole thing with her sister. It looked like she was being genuine. I feel bad for her.

  • kim !
    kim ! For 1 md. siden

    can we just appreciate how genuine, beautiful, and brave rose is? she stuck with ed for her child, not for herself. she wants the best life for prince since she couldnt have it growing up.. shes an amazing mother to stick with a ignorant narcissist so her son can have a better life

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos For 1 md. siden

    When’s this dude gonna do a neck reveal

  • Kate Roberts
    Kate Roberts For 1 md. siden

    This title is the biggest clickbait I’ve seen in a while 😂