Best Advanced Salsa Dance Performance by Kids Last ned

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  • 3. jan. 2017


  • aadarlingxo 2
    aadarlingxo 2 For 1 md. siden

    omg, I used to watch this like, when i was 5 I-😂😂

  • Acro Basecam
    Acro Basecam For 1 år siden

    They're doing samba not salsa.

  • Arely Alfaro
    Arely Alfaro For 9 md. siden

    This absolutely mesmerize me... we often think that kid’s don’t pay attention or understand so we leave them to themselves on tvs or to play alone instead of taking time t teach them something beneficial. Those two kids must not even be 7yd and they know their routine so well, kids are smart! Don’t let the little time you have with them go to waste. Teach them something useful!

  • Althea Gray
    Althea Gray For 1 år siden

    I can only imagine how far they've come now since this was done ...

  • Umaimah
    Umaimah For 1 år siden


  • Yashiro San
    Yashiro San For 1 år siden

    I wonder if i'll ever reach his level ..

  • Danny Casino
    Danny Casino For 1 år siden

    Hahah that lil girl stole my heart she is soooooo cute and adorable....that lil boy is to handsome and adorable as well.....

  • marli kawaii
    marli kawaii For 2 md. siden (redigert)

    I love the way she just pranced into there

  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue For 6 md. siden

    Does that child have a tattoo on her left arm?

  • My life
    My life For 1 dag siden

    I used to watch this when I was like 5 or 6 omgl-

  • no name 685
    no name 685 For 7 md. siden

    I'm in love with this now

  • Brimishelle Sánchez
    Brimishelle Sánchez For 1 uke siden

    When I was little I upset do that now I’m elven

  • Bah Sam Papang
    Bah Sam Papang For 4 md. siden

    Your music spoiled the great dancing

  • Dogs With big hearts
    Dogs With big hearts For 2 md. siden

    So adorable xD

  • Freida Edwards Mumbai-India
    Freida Edwards Mumbai-India For 1 år siden

    Wow, excellent performance!!! Amazing.

  • Jenelle Pestano
    Jenelle Pestano For 4 md. siden

    They both look so cute😊

  • Bhanu Rathore
    Bhanu Rathore For 2 år siden

    The kids are awesome

  • Ocean Fitzpatrick
    Ocean Fitzpatrick For 7 md. siden

    She looks likea little sassy one lol they dance amazing lol keep it up kids

  • *M i k a l a n i *
    *M i k a l a n i * For 2 md. siden

    amazing :o

  • Jaclyn Vazquez
    Jaclyn Vazquez For 11 md. siden

    awwwwww omg I luv them