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  • 8. nov. 2015


  • HikikomoriDev
    HikikomoriDev For 3 år siden

    How come they cut it when they show the stats ?

  • Trash King17
    Trash King17 For 2 år siden

    Girl 11 is adorable

  • Alexander Foss Brænd
    Alexander Foss Brænd For 1 år siden

    Eri Yoshiyama i like from Alexander Foss Brænd

  • thegreatmiranda
    thegreatmiranda For 4 md. siden

    Rewatching BR2 and noticed there are so many Super Sentai alumni.

  • ธาริน ศรีโสภณ

    Motomura Asuka. I love you

  • yui kimura
    yui kimura For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Girl 16💖💙💙

  • Alexander Cisneros-Garcia
    Alexander Cisneros-Garcia For 1 år siden

    Girl 11has a cute personality

  • Steven lazar
    Steven lazar For 1 md. siden

    Kitano shiori ❤️❤️❤️😘

  • Mepisa Kongkoed
    Mepisa Kongkoed For 1 år siden


  • Diva Narsongko
    Diva Narsongko For 1 år siden

    Girl 13 & Boy 19 is my fav😘

  • Johnson Cheung
    Johnson Cheung For 3 år siden (redigert)

    There are two boys and two girls can be easy to defeat "Wild Seven" if they use their real(hidden) ability😆😆

  • SohoEliminator
    SohoEliminator For 2 år siden

    Isnt there an unedited version? Where they each say a line after the intro? Is that availible anywhere?

  • ESC Singapore
    ESC Singapore For 2 år siden

    Eri Yoshiyama got the highest rating of 30/30 but still got killed anyway. Waste of great ability.

  • Steven Solano
    Steven Solano For 3 år siden

    what are they all saying?

  • Maruko AMV
    Maruko AMV For 4 år siden

    I feel bad that almost all of them are died

  • skaterccchick
    skaterccchick For 5 md. siden

    Girl 1 looks like the mitsuko pretty girl of this one but is she as cool tho ?

  • Monomi Luv Power
    Monomi Luv Power For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Girl 11 killed me!

  • Pyro Togoldor
    Pyro Togoldor For 1 år siden

    Why did girl 2 and boy 3 get like weirded out and started freaking out

  • Kid Gatorade
    Kid Gatorade For 2 år siden

    Is it racist to say some of those girls look the same

  • Brian Merritt
    Brian Merritt For 3 år siden

    This movie was stupid and horrible.