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  • 20. nov. 2015

  • BATTLE BEAST Wild Child Album: UNHOLY SAVIOR Release Dates: January 9, 2015 (Europe), January 13, 2015 (North America) Label: Nuclear Blast Records (NB 3407-0, 27361 34070) THE ALBUM CAN BE PRE-ORDERED HERE: BAND'S OFFICIAL WEBSITES: NUCLEAR BLAST OFFICIAL WEBSITES: Tracklist: 1 Lionheart 4:53 2 Unholy Savior 5:36 3 I Want the World... And Everything in It 4:37 4 Madness 4:01 5 Sea of Dreams 5:01 6 Speed and Danger 4:38 7 Touch in the Night 4:27 8 The Black Swordsman 1:15 9 Hero's Quest 2:30 10 Far Far Away 3:46 11 Angel Cry 3:33 12 Push It To The Limit (Bonus Track) 3:19 13 Wild Child (W.A.S.P. Cover - Bonus Track For Japan) Line-up: Noora Louhimo – vocals Anton Kabanen – guitar, vocals Eero Sipilä – bass, vocals Pyry Vikki – drums Juuso Soinio – guitar Janne Björkroth – keyboards *** THIS SONG WAS UPLOADED WITH PERMISSION OF THE LABEL, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS ***


  • Eireni Daterea
    Eireni Daterea For 3 år siden

    Aah.. I feel so relieved. I love this band I love metal I love music I LOVE MY FREAKIN' LIFE! I'm proud to live in this era so that I could listen to the original 80's and the awesome covers of nowadays. What made me almost end up crying is that this comment section is so beautiful. These are pure shared opinions and we accept our choice of music (original WASP or BB cover :) ) There a few exceptions. But only a few! Cheers mates and keep your spirit of METAL!!

  • Pseudogreek
    Pseudogreek For 4 år siden

    Why only as a bonus in Japan? Love this version!

  • Adam Green
    Adam Green For 3 år siden

    Easily....easily as good as the original...I was a fan of WASP and heard this song as a kid...BB did this song real justice.....\m/

  • Valentina Melethiel
    Valentina Melethiel For 2 år siden

    This woman is a tiger!!!! 🤘🏻

  • Gia Jupiter
    Gia Jupiter For 3 år siden (redigert)

    This song is really great! She sounds just like a female version of Blackie Lawless!

  • Genomcyber
    Genomcyber For 1 år siden

    this version is so freaking addictive. I have been 2 days straight with this song nonstop. in car, at work, at home, cooking.... everything. XD

  • PhlashRockinmann
    PhlashRockinmann For 3 år siden

    If you are going to cover an already well loved and established, kickass classic, this is how to do it. 👍👌👏

  • mettlecrusader29
    mettlecrusader29 For 11 md. siden

    I'd pay money just to watch them do W.A.S.P. covers

  • yotam braunshtein
    yotam braunshtein For 4 år siden

    noora has a awsome vocie holy crap

  • xooperz
    xooperz For 3 år siden

    Why do the Japanese always get awesome bonus tracks???

  • WereDictionary
    WereDictionary For 3 år siden


  • Eleni P.
    Eleni P. For 2 år siden

    Blackie is love but this chick sure has killer vocals😍

  • Robert Nodge
    Robert Nodge For 3 år siden

    I wonder if anyone else notices that Noora changes the words to the opposite gender when the words him or her come up in the lyrics.

  • Magnus Persson
    Magnus Persson For 3 år siden

    OMG that "end scream"!

  • Angel Cantelar
    Angel Cantelar For 2 år siden

    buenisima version si señor

  • Eleziel
    Eleziel For 3 år siden

    Damn, she killed it.

  • samu aarnio
    samu aarnio For 3 år siden

    partly better than orginal.

  • finmotoman
    finmotoman For 3 år siden

    Small changes in lyrics. Noora sings to him and in original Blackie sings to her :)

  • Jaakko A
    Jaakko A For 2 år siden

    Better than original?? Not, but damn close

  • Милан Тодоровић

    Although nothing can top W.A.S.P. version, this one is really good tribute.