Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Head To Head All Match Stats. ⚽ Real Madrid Vs Barcelona El Classico Stats. Last ned

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  • 19. des. 2019

  • Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Head To Head All Match Stats.Real Madrid Vs Barcelona El Classico Stats. #Barcelona #RealMadrid Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Head To Head All Match, Win Draw, Goal Score etc. Compared. Watch Full Video & And See Their Career All Match, Goals, Assists & More. Hope You Enjoy The Video. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 🔴 Ronaldo Vs Messi Club Career Compared: 🔴 Messi Vs Ronaldo All Trophies & Awards: 🔴 Barcelona Vs Real Madrid All Match: 🔴 Ronaldo Vs Messi Total Career Comparison: 🔴 Ramos Vs Virgil van Dijk: 🔴 Marcelo Vs Jordi Alba : 🔴 Premier League Top Scorers: 🔴 Hazard Vs Griezmann: 🔴 Icardi Vs Lukaku: 🔴 Di Maria Vs Mesut Ozil: 🔴 James Rodriguez Vs Coutinho: 🔴 700+ Goal Scorers: 🔴 Barcelona Top 10 Goal Scorers: 🔴 Real Madrid Top 10 Goal Scorers: 🔴 Suarez Vs Lewandowski: 🔴 Dybala Vs Firmino: 🔴 Tammy Abraham Vs Lautaro Martinez: 🔴 Luka Modric Vs Rakitic: 🔴 Joao Felix Vs Erling Haaland: 🔴 Juventus Vs Inter Milan: 🔴 Gerd Muller Vs Romario: 🔴 Son Heung Vs Raheem Sterling: 🔴 Bayern Munich Vs Borussia Dortmund: ➡➡Subscribe Our Channel📺 ❤ Subscribe Our Another Channel 👇 ➡➡➡ Football Top 10 Channel : ➡ If any Information, Business or Claim Please Contact with Us : ➡➡ 🔔⚽LIKE➡COMMENT➡SUBCRIBE🔔 ❤💛❤Thank You So Much Bro❤💜💛


  • Nicola Navara
    Nicola Navara For 8 md. siden

    Next video top scorers of Clasico

  • Kaafiya Abuubakar
    Kaafiya Abuubakar For 8 md. siden

    Always Real Madrid is the best club in the world history

  • MR. PUBG
    MR. PUBG For 8 md. siden

    First comment..I need love

  • Cristiane Soares
    Cristiane Soares For 8 md. siden


  • Steven Aries99
    Steven Aries99 For 8 md. siden


  • simeon milushev
    simeon milushev For 2 md. siden

    Remove friendly matches and the voice..

  • Fuck this name
    Fuck this name For 8 md. siden

    Can you do cruyff stats comparison i couldnt find them

  • Frane GRANČIĆ
    Frane GRANČIĆ For 8 md. siden

    Who do you like more?

  • Sumon Ahamed
    Sumon Ahamed For 8 md. siden


  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf For 6 md. siden

    It is 96-95 for Barcelona excluding friendlies and 403-399 at goal scored for Real Madrid . After all friendlies does not matter .

  • Akuezuilo Desmond Okechukwu
    Akuezuilo Desmond Okechukwu For 4 md. siden

    Old stats 🤫

  • Shreyans PK
    Shreyans PK For 3 md. siden

    Hala Barca

  • Im Possible
    Im Possible For 2 md. siden


  • Fernando Victor
    Fernando Victor For 8 md. siden

    Barcelona is the best

  • up up api
    up up api For 3 md. siden

    If he remade this video real Madrid woulf be in front in laliga 😆😆

  • exoce namaza
    exoce namaza For 1 md. siden

    Real Madrid might have been the better club but Barca has more wins

  • Borjaja
    Borjaja For 3 md. siden (redigert)

    Barcelona 5 Champions

  • Omar Shallaby
    Omar Shallaby For 8 md. siden

    اكثر اللاعبين تسجيل أهداف ٢٠١٩ بالترتيب

  • Sumon Ahamed
    Sumon Ahamed For 8 md. siden

    Pronunciation tik koren

  • Firos Ali
    Firos Ali For 4 md. siden

    Barcelona no 1 club in the world