Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho (Karaoke Version) Last ned

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  • 11. jan. 2019

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  • Millie Head
    Millie Head For 1 år siden

    Does anyone else have a really big phobia of singing in front of people but loves singing?

  • DNCGPlays
    DNCGPlays For 1 år siden

    I was legit getting ready to sing but it started right away

  • Kyraparsonsings Kyra Parson
    Kyraparsonsings Kyra Parson For 1 år siden

    When you think you can sing but realize this crazy breath control...

  • Isabella Slack
    Isabella Slack For 1 år siden

    When am I supposed to breathe??

  • The Three Weirdos of 2007
    The Three Weirdos of 2007 For 1 år siden

    Oh shes sweet but a psycho,

  • Audrey Thompson
    Audrey Thompson For 1 år siden

    When you think your good at singing this song when your not be like…..

  • Ellen Waaranperä
    Ellen Waaranperä For 1 år siden

    Guys remember...

  • Kylie Carbonneau
    Kylie Carbonneau For 1 år siden


  • שושנה אמונה מינץ

    i managed to get through the whole thing without losing my breath, I had pretty good notes, and I thought my voice sounded pretty good.

  • Eliza beth
    Eliza beth For 1 år siden


  • Hey Tomorrow !
    Hey Tomorrow ! For 1 år siden

    This karaoke in my birthday😇😊😊😊😘

  • :P XD
    :P XD For 1 år siden


  • Sarah Plays Roblox
    Sarah Plays Roblox For 2 uker siden

    Hello random person scrolling through the comment section. Have a great day! 😁😁😁

  • Shanyah Lindo
    Shanyah Lindo For 1 år siden

    I sang before just quick my friends heard and they signed up for singing and know I am doing it in the back of my friends

  • Prasetya Utami
    Prasetya Utami For 4 md. siden

    Oh, she's sweet but a psycho

  • Nibsy Cat
    Nibsy Cat For 6 md. siden

    Me: singing my heart out in my bedroom

  • ZipZapZop
    ZipZapZop For 3 md. siden

    When you think you can sing but this is literally smack dab in your break

  • Lorena R. M. M.
    Lorena R. M. M. For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Can you make please a karaoke "salt"-Ava Max ?

  • Sarah Plays Roblox
    Sarah Plays Roblox For 2 uker siden

    This song is perfect for my audition for AGC!!! Thanks so much!!!😁

  • Gacha_devil
    Gacha_devil For 1 år siden

    This is one of my favourite songs ever ❤️❤️