Aurora Aksnes interviewed at the Colours of Ostrava in Czechia 2016.7.16 Last ned

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  • 18. jul. 2016

  • Aurora Aksnes was interviewed at the Colours of Ostrava - an international music festival on July 16th, 2016, by the Czech national media on the program "Events In Culture". (This video is open to adding subtitles!)


  • 손유지warrior
    손유지warrior For 4 år siden

    in boxs :-) :-) :-) :-)!!!!

  • david snyder
    david snyder For 8 md. siden

    My Grandmother is from check repubic

  • weirdo
    weirdo For 1 md. siden

    is there anyone here watching in 2020 lol

  • Leo D
    Leo D For 4 år siden

    wow , she sang In Boxes , thats the first time i've heard her sing that song. Incredible! Thanks for the upload!