Aeroflot passenger tries to exit plane during flight from Bangkok to Moscow Last ned

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  • 23. apr. 2019

  • An unpleasant incident occurred on board an Aeroflot flight from Bangkok to Moscow. One of the passengers, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, tried to jump out of the airliner through an emergency hatch. Passengers made videos of the man standing in the isle and screaming: “Who is here? Who's in the biggest need?" Flight attendants tried to calm the man down, but he did not stop disturbing others. Eventually, the unruly passenger was tied up and accommodated on a separate seat, where he finally burst into tears and calmed down. Aeroflot representatives later said that the economic class passenger was acting in a very aggressive way towards other passengers and the cabin crew. Flight attendants made numerous warnings to him, before the man was tied up and strapped to a separate seat until the end of the flight. Later it became known that the man works as a psychiatrist at a Moscow clinic. Upon arrival to Moscow, the man was handed over to law enforcement officers. Check more of our videos on our video channel Go to Pravda.Ru website to read articles that you can not read in Western publications


  • Betrous al Taweel
    Betrous al Taweel For 1 år siden

    This is exactly why Aeroflot has banned alcohol consumption on so many of its flights.

  • Peter Mathew Van Aardt
    Peter Mathew Van Aardt For 1 år siden

    😂😁😅 Looks like he needs treatment himself!

  • Simone Videlin
    Simone Videlin For 2 md. siden

    As a Russian I would have knocked him out till the plane arrived safely in Moscow lol but it’s me 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Rostislav
    Rostislav For 8 md. siden

    Russian going to or returning from a holiday sober, instead of being drunk and agressive towards everyone? Must be an American spy.

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin For 1 år siden


  • Kenneth Imagine
    Kenneth Imagine For 7 md. siden

    haha they tied him up in a jumpseat with seatbelts

  • Sujoy Barua
    Sujoy Barua For 1 år siden

    Cousin of Vladimir Zhirinovsky?

  • luis
    luis For 9 md. siden

    Ight ima head out

  • Tony Blaylock
    Tony Blaylock For 1 år siden

    One shoe and a stretched out seatbelt was enough for me

  • Sujoy Barua
    Sujoy Barua For 1 år siden

    Drunk & Durag

  • diviengi
    diviengi For 1 år siden

    One thing is to get grunk and another to eat a sack odf stupid before a flight.

  • marinalva Santos
    marinalva Santos For 6 md. siden


  • OTP Metairie
    OTP Metairie For 1 år siden


  • Chris Alan
    Chris Alan For 6 md. siden


  • Donald Jong Un
    Donald Jong Un For 1 md. siden


    SKYBOBBY For 1 år siden

    Thank you for this vid.

  • TavariX
    TavariX For 8 md. siden

    He only wanted to cause an explosive decompression, nothing dangerous

  • Trey Morris
    Trey Morris For 1 år siden

    Like what hhah

  • aeroambrose
    aeroambrose For 3 md. siden


  • Pipat Kulsirorat
    Pipat Kulsirorat For 2 md. siden

    I live in Bangkok