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  • 28. okt. 2017

  • Hey guys cheap boxing glove trophy here!! New song released by "Adam Saleh and Faydee Waynak" amazing song and is one of my favorite from the chapter 2 album leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe Instagram @Urbansingerofficial


  • Urban Singer
    Urban Singer For 3 år siden

    Leave a like if you guys enjoyed this song!! Also let me know which one is your favourite from the Chapter 2 album!

  • Farah A
    Farah A For 3 år siden

    Adoomy gang where u at??

  • Omer Eman
    Omer Eman For 1 år siden

    Waynak waynak

  • XxKO_ hunterplayzxX
    XxKO_ hunterplayzxX For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Whos still listening to this in 2020? I know I am and its still a GREAT SONG !!!! 🎉

  • Sonu Singh
    Sonu Singh For 1 år siden

    I literally watched this like 1 MILLION times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Masara Shernanna
    Masara Shernanna For 3 år siden (redigert)

    To all people who can not speak Arabic

  • Sanaa Lazkani
    Sanaa Lazkani For 1 år siden

    Faydee is my friend's uncle so I get to go to his shws for free!

  • Hassan Nasser
    Hassan Nasser For 3 år siden

    He is Muslim and his English is perfect

  • Ahmed El Joker
    Ahmed El Joker For 3 år siden

    there are alot of mistakes in the arabic parts

  • Mahnoor Malik
    Mahnoor Malik For 3 år siden

    Any Arabic speaker plz give us translation

  • ibrahim abdo
    ibrahim abdo For 2 år siden

    Shoutout to Dubai!!😋😋😋

  • Raihan TheKing
    Raihan TheKing For 3 år siden

    waynak is so popular so many people react to waynak

  • Zahida Shah
    Zahida Shah For 3 md. siden

    I got 2 questions.

  • Brittany Sullenberger
    Brittany Sullenberger For 6 md. siden

    i’m still listening to this song in 2020

    MELANIE Y NENA MENDOZA For 3 år siden

    I'm obsessed with this song

  • Shatha A
    Shatha A For 1 år siden (redigert)

    It doesn’t say if that makes me majnoon it’s because MC majnoona, it says intee (your) majnoona

  • Ped Wds
    Ped Wds For 5 md. siden

    Who's still listening to this in 2020?

  • Leyan Almqayyad
    Leyan Almqayyad For 3 år siden

    It is not (Waynak, Waynak , yallah) its (Taali)

  • soukainą ch
    soukainą ch For 3 år siden

    waoo i love this song sooooo much Adam u are the best one 😊

  • mh Muhammed
    mh Muhammed For 1 år siden

    Hi guys what's up adoomy gang hope you'll having an amazing day coz iam having an amazing day so if iam having an amazing day you'll should be having an amazing happy day