AC/DC - Highway To Hell (Guitar Cover by Masuka W/Tab) Last ned

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  • 17. jul. 2018

  • ► Guitar Tuning - Highway To Hell : ► Download Highway To Hell Guitar Tab : ► Download Highway To Hell Guitar Backing Track : Feel free to help us improve the quality of our videos and have exclusive access to tabs, backing tracks,lessons and more : ► ◄ Recorded using: ► Guitar Cort Zenox Z42 Custom ► Amp Fender Frontman 212r ► Mesa Behringer Xenyx 1202FX ► M-Audio Delta 1010LT ► Nokia Lumia 1020 ============================================================================================================== ► Instagram : ► Facebook : ► Twitter :


  • Tuba Covers
    Tuba Covers For 2 år siden

    Old school rock.

  • Вадим Швець
    Вадим Швець For 2 år siden


  • R.M
    R.M For 1 dag siden

    Me puedes decir la ecualización porfa :3 llevo días buscando ese sonido

  • Ana Gularte
    Ana Gularte For 2 år siden

    Impecável como sempre! m/

  • Kev1n_ KFU
    Kev1n_ KFU For 2 år siden

    U are the best💓

  • Tiina Poskiparta
    Tiina Poskiparta For 2 år siden

    Yayyy!! 🎶"I'm on a highway to hell..... "🎶

  • Dark vulutres warrior
    Dark vulutres warrior For 7 md. siden

    Ac DC rock's highway to hell

  • ScottTeeMusic
    ScottTeeMusic For 2 år siden

    Another great job Masuka, just completed a binge session of watching your content. Thanks for all the work you've put in :)

  • Diogo Serodio
    Diogo Serodio For 2 år siden

    Best guitarist

  • Cript Hunter
    Cript Hunter For 2 år siden


  • Henrique Ramdatmisier
    Henrique Ramdatmisier For 2 år siden

    Looking For Today by Black Sabbath!!!!!

  • Arch Crusader
    Arch Crusader For 2 år siden

    I have never cried watching a cover video until now. Congratulations, Masuka. You are now my hero...

  • Thi Clash
    Thi Clash For 2 år siden


  • Mike T
    Mike T For 2 år siden

    The tunes that come thru IG always sound better . Who knew🤘🎸🎵🎶

  • Luiz Eduardo
    Luiz Eduardo For 2 år siden

    I love this guy

  • ReneDi guitarSwe
    ReneDi guitarSwe For 2 år siden

    Nice! Good skills 👌Think you’ll like my guitar videos actually!

  • Manu Sadoka
    Manu Sadoka For 2 år siden


  • Wariø
    Wariø For 2 år siden


  • William Latter
    William Latter For 1 år siden

    I love this guy!

  • Buck Sebastián
    Buck Sebastián For 2 år siden

    Loved it, not only is it easy to play along but it sounds amazing