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  • 30. nov. 2016

  • Hey guys, Marty Schwartz here again with MartyMusic! So excited to be teaching an AC/DC lesson for Highway to Hell for the rockers out there! Once again thanks for liking the videos to help spread the word on my project right here! All the best! Become a Patron - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - My Favorite Guitar + Filming Gear Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. The link above is an Amazon affiliate link, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission on.


  • Shacks monkey
    Shacks monkey For 3 år siden

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact the he flipped us all off at

  • Braden Grandy
    Braden Grandy For 3 md. siden

    Can we get a lesson on the solo for this song?

    SHIFTY For 10 md. siden

    You can tell he loves this song

  • Jonah Stuhr
    Jonah Stuhr For 3 år siden

    Just wanna say you were a early inspiration to me and I am so glad you're back and teaching again!!!

  • Nightingale305
    Nightingale305 For 3 år siden

    Let's get some metallica going on, master of puppets?

  • MyNameFlanders
    MyNameFlanders For 3 år siden

    Marty. I dunno what to say man. You and many other different guitar channels have inspired me to follow a music pathway and you have by far been the biggest influence. Your tutorials are amazing, understandable and simple. If it was not for you i would not be as into guitar as i am today. Thank you so much mate. You have taught me so much and i dont know how i can repay you. Rock on and keep up the great work.

  • Average Nerd
    Average Nerd For 3 år siden


  • Lions
    Lions For 3 år siden

    You should do thunderstruck next!

  • empyrean
    empyrean For 3 år siden

    Heeeeeey whats up you guys Marty Swartz here!

  • Peter Burrell
    Peter Burrell For 1 år siden


  • Matt M
    Matt M For 3 år siden

    Hey Marty I've been a huge fan for a while now keep up the great work! It would be awesome if you made a lesson for Europa by Santana. I know you started one back in the day and I've wanted to learn the rest since!

  • TwenZy
    TwenZy For 3 år siden

    pause the video and then click

  • Joseph Peter Elijah Villafuerte

    Can you please teach us thunderstruck

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams For 6 md. siden

    When you let the d chord ring out just before the chorus, raise the gauntlet of Rock and Roll, then come crashing down on the next chord.

  • Markus Thompson
    Markus Thompson For 1 år siden

    This guy has probably the most tight playing I’ve ever heard/seen

  • Nik k
    Nik k For 3 år siden

    Maybe Aneurysm by Nirvana? Thanks Marty!

  • Kasen Banks Guitar
    Kasen Banks Guitar For 1 år siden (redigert)

    Do the whole solo for highway to hell. I have a show this summer and I need to have this down. Thanks Marty your the best.

  • Daniel J DJ Jozwiak
    Daniel J DJ Jozwiak For 5 md. siden

    can you do the beatles helter skelter guitar lesson Marty.That would be great

  • Liwia Sirko
    Liwia Sirko For 1 år siden

    Alright. In two days I've learnt 3 songs thanks to you (Hotel California, Bohemian Raphsody and Highway to Hell). That's crazy.

  • Stan Grabert
    Stan Grabert For 3 år siden

    It was pretty easy to learn, thanks Marty!