32-Minute Artful Chiropractic FLOW w/ Dr. Brett Jones aka META Last ned

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  • 20. jan. 2019

  • Want to learn to FLOW? JOIN ME at a Kairos Training Culture training camp 🙌🏾 www.kairostrainingculture.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/cosmotechmusic... With love, Dr. Brett Jones Owner of The Source Chiropractic in Oakland, CA 🖤 http://www.thesourcechiropractic.com/... Artistry Director of Kairos Training Culture 👁 Transformation Events Curator with Equinox Seminars 🌑


  • Michael Barrett
    Michael Barrett For 10 md. siden

    He look like Dak Qb for the Cowboys

  • Brian Van Scoyk
    Brian Van Scoyk For 1 år siden

    This stuff is amazing the art and the technique of healing the soul and body, wow

  • Miss Nelson
    Miss Nelson For 1 år siden

    I will definitely be coming by and your located in the bayarea Yessss

  • David Ray Dance
    David Ray Dance For 1 år siden


  • Chuck B
    Chuck B For 1 år siden (redigert)

    I feel like there may have been some smoking of the peyote before this session started lol Just kidding, love how these people are just in the moment the movement the presence and feel of the workshop.

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali For 1 år siden

    He must of had a lot of pain in his Pelvis , made him curl up .

  • Caitlin o'connor
    Caitlin o'connor For 1 år siden

    Big YES 32 minutes

  • KDO 100
    KDO 100 For 1 år siden

    Never regrets eating an unhealthy meal

  • Brittany Eldridge
    Brittany Eldridge For 1 år siden

    Your so talented! I enjoy watching these videos! So relaxing and interesting 💕

  • Orokulol
    Orokulol For 1 år siden

    thx for this music

  • Karen Mitchell
    Karen Mitchell For 1 år siden (redigert)


  • Herbert Crabtree
    Herbert Crabtree For 1 år siden

    I have a really nagging suspicion that everyone was partaking of molly. lol enjoyed the adjustments nonetheless. :)

  • Jennifer Shea
    Jennifer Shea For 1 år siden

    Ok Doc. Love your videos. Especially the group videos. This one was making me scratch my head. Was there drugs taken to enhance the experience? Ecstasy, perhaps? The gentleman with the Green shirt reacted in a matter that I can only assume so. Any insight is welcomed.

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres For 1 år siden

    Absolutely love when you do these artful chiropractic flows. Keep up the awesome work Dr. B!

  • No One
    No One For 1 år siden

    Dr. Jones 👍

  • Cy R
    Cy R For 1 år siden

    why did the person in the green shirt w the earrings react like that when u pushed near their pelvis?

  • Mike Boucher
    Mike Boucher For 1 år siden

    This is wonderful! Full of great energy and release.

  • Swapna Shah
    Swapna Shah For 1 år siden

    You should do a video with all of the chiropractors in your office

  • soapfanaddict
    soapfanaddict For 4 md. siden


  • GGX Gang HQ
    GGX Gang HQ For 1 år siden

    Sweet!!! Been waiting for another one of these!